Niall Horan confirms One Direction WILL be back! ‘It’d be silly for us not to return’

by Nick Barnes

Good Ol’ Niall Horan has basically confirmed what we all wanted to hear… One Direction WILL be reuniting.

Back in March One Direction embarked on their ‘extended hiatus’ after finishing the promo for their fifth studio album, ‘Made in the AM’. The break has allowed for the guys to focus on their own solo careers – Harry is off being an actor and recording his debut solo album, Liam Payne is apparently set to become a dad whilst also recording his own solo music, and Niall Horan has already released his solo single. We also understand that Niall’s first album will be out early next year. At the moment, we don’t know at what point we’ll hear new music from Liam Payne or Harry Styles, but a good guess would be at some point next year.

one direction calendar 2017

Whilst the guys are off focusing on their own solo careers, it doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about where it all began or forgotten about each other. Actually, Niall has said that they will, definitely, 100% be getting back together. Why? Well, it’d be bloody silly of them not to.

“We will be back,” he recently said, before adding that nobody needs to worry about when as they “are fine”.

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We didn’t think we’d miss One Direction as much as we have done over the past few months, so the sooner they all get back together, the better if you ask us. Although, having said that, we’re pretty excited to hear the solo music from the guys – especially from Niall after This Town.

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Nick Barnes

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