Olly Murs isn’t interested in sleazy one night stands, thank you very much!

by Nick Barnes
Olly Murs - Grow Up

Olly Murs has revealed that whilst he is looking for a new girlfriend, he is no “slapper” and is not interested in dating a string of different women.

As you may know, Olly split up from his long-time girlfriend Francesca Thomas not too long ago. The pair had been dating for three years, and it seems as though Olly is just about ready to get back out onto the dating scene again.

Speaking to Closer Magazine recently, Olly revealed that his love life is pretty much “average” at the moment, and just because he is a pop star, it doesn’t mean he is “sleeping with different girls every week”.


“That’s just not the kind of person I am. I’m no slapper,” Olly added “I’m a strong person so I’m looking for a strong woman. I wouldn’t rule out going out with an older woman. There shouldn’t be an age limit on dating”.

Unfortunately, Olly’s job of being an in-demand pop star just doesn’t work out for some people and can be a bit of an issue.


There has been a number of rumours over the years about Olly Murs and Caroline Flack once being an item, but it turns out they were just friends all along. They certainly had great on-screen chemistry together, but Olly also revealed in the interview that although he and Caroline keep in touch, they’re not as close as they used to be.


Nick Barnes

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