One Direction: Did Niall Horan just throw a little shade at Louis Tomlinson?

by Emily H

It looks like Niall Horan may just have given his former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson the backhanded compliment of a lifetime.

The “This Town” singer revealed in a new interview which of his former bandmates he thinks would come and collect him if he ever got arrested.

Though Niall chose Louis – which seemed pretty innocent on the surface – it was the reason that has fans thinking he may have (accidentally?) been throwing a whole lot of shade.

“Who would come and get me? I think Louis would come and get me,” he said in a new interview when asked which of his One Direction bandmates would come and bail him out.

“Louis would come and get me one hundred percent. The others boys would be too busy.” Ouch?

Was he hinting that Louis has a lot of free time on his hands as Harry Styles and Liam Payne’s solo careers continue to go from strength to strength?

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Well, we’re going to put this one down to accidental shade on Niall’s part, as what he said next was pretty hilarious.

He then revealed how he’d expect Louis to come and bail him out.

“He’d have to get from England if I was arrested here [in Ireland],” he said. “It probably would take him ages. He’d probably send me an Uber actually, with cash in an envelope.”

Yeah, it sounds like Niall’s not putting too much faith in the dad of one there…

But it looks like the star’s confession got fans of the twosome pretty excited anyway.

“So much Nouis I can’t handle this,” @Palle_Nordin tweeted, while @ImAleMacias wrote in response to Horan’s answer to the interviewer’s question, “Lmao I’m pretty sure Niall will be taking Louis out first.”

See Niall making his big confession about Louis in the video below;

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