One Direction: Harry Styles bought what? & Louis Tomlinson’s trust broken again!

by Lisa McGarry

Harry Styles was engaging in a bit of retail therapy this afternoon in London, but he does;t do shopping like the rest of us.

While we like to splash a bit of cash on a new frock, or a pretty handbag or if we’re really feeling flush, some super cute kitten heels. However the One Direction star is a fan of big ticket items.

This time Harry wasn’t out shopping for art costing tens of thousands of pounds and for one he wasn’t looking at a new car. The Drag Me Down hitmaker was spotted in London, perusing in a piano store.

One eagle eyed fan spotted the hunk and tweeted her followers saying:

“When @Harry_Styles is casually at the piano shop on your street and your roommate bumps into him….. ily London.”

one direction star louis tomlinson and son freddie instagram

Meanwhile, in other One Direction news, Louis Tomlinson’s mum has been kicking up again over pictures of her new grandson Freddie Reign.

Previously Johannah Deakin was furious with fans who claimed photos of the new born baby were fake and that he doesn’t exist. It’s fair to say she was not happy with those followers.

However this time Jo was upset for a whole other reason.

She was livid that picture sent by Louis’ sister Felicite, to a friend, were somehow leaked online and became very public, very quickly.

louis tomlinson and son freddie reign

Some Twitter users accused Felicite of sending the snaps to a ‘random’ fan, however she insists she sent them to a close pal.

Jo defended her daughter and her grandson, tweeting: “@TOMLINSONbelg @Louis_Tomlinson Its a beautiful photograph. Sadly somebody hacked one of my daughters and stole it. As a family & to try to….Protect Freddie’s privacy not one of us have posted any photographs other than Louis. I know who this person….is. I have a lengthy apology from her. X”

Well that’s those people told! Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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  1. Holly Devenney-Dedicated 5SOS Fan on March 4, 2016 at 12:45 am

    Seriously people when are you ever going to stop kicking off online because it’s not funny and immature and plain rude to make Louis Tomlinson stop following us on Twitter please people just have some respect and responsibility for all your actions online because it’s not cool ok so please just stop intervening in other people’s business and just leave Felicite, Freddie, Johannah Deakin and Louis Tomlinson alone at all times starting from now. Thank You All The Love. H

  2. Odalis on March 4, 2016 at 3:04 am

    Please keep in mind that Louis is now a Father and he’s HAPPY so I don’t see the reason I’m WHY you guys are being rude about this. Remember the whole “if they’re happy, I’m happy” thing? Now, people have been sending Hate towards Freddie like are you serious? He’s a baby!!! I understand if you don’t like Briana but please respect this situation. Love xx.

  3. TOMLINSONbelg on March 12, 2016 at 6:18 am

    People have respect! And oh yeah you do not know it yet. I’m Tomlinsonbelg.

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