One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & Liam Payne SLAMMED over sexist leaked audio

by Emily H

One Direction stars Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are coming under fire.

The duo, who are now enjoying solo success away from the band, are being called out by fans online after an old interview re-surfaced of the two joking about how they catcalled a woman on the street.

A number of fans were up in arms over the interview, which it’s thought is from sometime around 2012, in which Liam can be heard discussing how he and Louis shouted at a woman on the street and complimented her on her “bottom.”

In the clip, Payne explains that he and his bandmate were sitting in a car following a meeting when they saw a woman walk by who he described as being “hot” and “really attractive.”

“Like builders on a [building site] we were just there shouting out the window, like, ‘Wahay! Lovely!’” Payne recalled. “And the last thing that Louis came out with as she walked past was ‘What a bottom!’”

The recently resurfaced interview raised some eyebrows on social media and the duo’s name quickly began trending as fans shared their views on their remarks on Twitter.

“Do NOT let Liam and Louis get away with what they did. Yes they were young & dumb, but that doesn’t make it ok to do something like that,” @cantquitstylesx tweeted out.

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“What Louis and Liam did was so out of line and gross and the fact that Liam sounded like he was bragging about it made it 10 times worse,” @pezlarrie wrote online.

Others took a more diplomatic approach to the leaked interview but made it clear that they were not condoning their behaviour.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson

“Not defending Liam and Louis but it WAS a couple years ago and hopefully they’ve learned to act more respectfully,” @milascrocs tweeted. “What they did was wrong.”

“That audio of Liam and Louis is so old, they’ve grown and developed as people,” @lwtfreckle added. “I don’t condone anything they’ve done, at all.”

Take a listen to the recently resurfaced interview below & then let us know what you think of the response from One Direction fans in the comments section.

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