One Direction’s Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson planning this great Valentines present!?

Harry Styles has been very quiet about the subject of his solo album, but One Direction sources think they may have some inside information.

The hunk is the only member of his band who hasn’t yet even teased his new music, but fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for all to be revealed. Sources say that the Drag Me Down hitmaker is planning to release his first full length, solo album around Valentines Day next month. It’s said the English star is planning to release his record in time for Grammy night, which is Sunday, February 12.

It’s said that Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are also nearing completion of their first solo albums, though we don’t yet have a definite date.

Fans have started speculating that the band will all start putting out their new music and albums at the same time. We would love it if both Louis and Harry dropped their records next month. It would MAKE our spring!

Better still, if they release them in February, all the albums will be eligible to be nominated from the Grammy Awards in 2018. They might even win!

An insider told Hollywoodlife: “He [Harry Styles] thinks the surprise and shock of it all will make a bigger splash, instead of announcing a release date. He has enough songs to put out an album, it’s just the final logistics that are being worked out now.”

Christopher Nolan continues to film the movie “Dunkirk” in Weymouth harbour.
Featuring: Harry Styles
Where: Weymouth, United Kingdom
When: 28 Jul 2016

It could be that the Dunkirk actor will do what Niall did with his debut single and shock us with the release. He could be modelling himself on Beyonce now!

It’s thought that one of the reasons for an earlier release is also because this summer will be taken up with Dunkirk promotion. We know Harry is superman, but he doesn’t have time to effectively promote two at once!

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  1. bobbie on January 11, 2017 at 2:46 am

    What I would really love is for people to buy Harry’s solo album when it’s released because it’ll be an interesting one to listen to & I honestly think he abolutely make it has a solo artist

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