One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson leaves UK & Niall Horan forced to delete this photo!

Louis Tomlinson has left the UK and returned to LA. It’s thought the One Direction star is desperate to spend time with his baby son Freddie.

The star travelled home to the UK in December when his mother Johannah Deakin’s health took a turn for the worst. We didn’t know at the time that the 42 year old was suffering from leukaemia but she passed away just weeks before Christmas, leaving behind seven devastated children and a mourning husband.

Louis remained in Doncaster and London with his step father and siblings over the Christmas period and celebrated his first birthday without Johannah by his side.

However he also missed out on some landmark moments from Freddie’s life as a result. Baby mama Briana Jungwirth revealed that the toddler took his first steps a few weeks ago and is starting to form his first words. Last night Louis was spotted travelling through LAX airport and it’s thought he will soon be reunited with his only child.

Meanwhile, Niall Horan had a bit of drama on social media last night. The star shared a pretty impressive picture, only to have to delete it just minutes later.

The snap was posted on Instagram and featured an astronaut holding up a sign which read ‘Modest Golf.’ That’s the new golf talent agency which Niall heads up along with some top staff from Modest Management.

It’s been reported that NASA insisted the picture was taken down, as promo shots like that can only be shared with their express permission.

Niall is currently in London, working on his debut solo album. It’s thought that the Irish star is now just putting the finishing touches to his record and that it will be released in the not too distant future.

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