Pregnant Cheryl rocked by sex scandal! Will she & Liam Payne have twins?

by Lynn Rowlands

In the episode that airs on December 15, former X Factor judge Cheryl is the focus of genealogy show, Who Do You Think You Are?

And in delving into her ancestry, the BBC’s researchers came up with some shocking news for Cheryl about her relatives…

A stunned Cheryl learned that her great-grandfather Joseph “caused a scandal” by having an affair with his housekeeper, who as a result gave birth to twins out of wedlock.

That was confirmed in a letter shown to Cheryl in which a distant relative stated that the children’s births caused “a scandal in the community.”

Having read the letter, a shocked Cheryl said, “That explains so much…why he was never talked about.

“And he had, in the end, eleven children – which is what my mum said.

“My great nanna must’ve been the young housekeeper that got involved with [him].”


The Sun reports that there were more shocks ahead as Cheryl saw a photograph of another distant relative, Caroline Laing, who was depicted in the photo wearing a headscarf…

And as Cheryl then learned that Caroline’s husband died at sea, she revealed that as a child, she had nightmares in which she was an old woman who was drowning!

Of that, Cheryl said, “See it’s interesting because I hate the sea. I’ve always been afraid of it.

“I used to have really bad dreams when I was little about drowning in the sea.

“Being an old woman with a head scarf on and I was the old woman. Isn’t that weird?”


Well, depending upon what your beliefs are, it’s either ‘weird’ or extremely logical…

Many of course believe that we all have many lives and are reborn or reincarnated time and again.

And those who believe that also believe that memories of our ‘other lives’ remain in our subconscious minds; hence why we dream about being someone else or dream about someone else’s experiences as though witnessing them firsthand.

Quite fascinating really isn’t it?

Anyway, as mentioned above, you can see Cheryl on Who Do You Think You Are on December 15th.

Here’s the show’s trailer…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.