Rob Kardashian alleges he was choked by Blac Chyna, she says he hit her

by Emily H

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s nasty split is only getting nastier.

After Rob went on a social media tirade against his ex last week, he’s now claiming that she once tried to strangle him.

TMZ is alleging that both have been hurling domestic abuse allegations at each other and alleged today that the incidents are caught on camera.

Blac alluded to an incident that took place a few months ago where Rob allegedly “hit her and knocked her to the ground” and supposedly has both photos and video of the incident.

Chyna previously claimed she was abused by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star on Snapchat last week.

But amid the drama, Rob is now also alleging abuse.


He’s claiming that Chyna allegedly “tried choking him with an iPhone cord and tried hitting him with a metal rod” back in December.

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TMZ is reporting that Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble had to pull Chyna off him but she then supposedly went around their home and smashed things causing $35k (that’s around 25k) worth of damage which he caught on surveillance footage.


He’s alleging that the abuse went down when she moved out of their house with their daughter around Christmas time, the same day he went on another social media tirade and even cried on camera when he confirmed Blac had left him.

This is just the latest drama between the two.

Last week Kardashian blasted his ex on Instagram and Twitter, claiming she cheated on him, got plastic surgery and allegedly uses drugs.

Get up to date on Rob’s social media tirade in the video below;

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