Taylor Swift to drop “below the belt” diss track about Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

by Emily H

Taylor Swift hasn’t exactly shied away from taking aim at her enemies in song (Katy Perry in “Bad Blood” and John Mayer in “Dear John,” anyone?) and it looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now next in her sights.

Sources are alleging that Swift is currently writing a seriously nasty diss track for the couple following their feud last year, as In Touch is reporting that Taylor is penning a track that will get some serious revenge.

The source revealed to the magazine that Taylor is “still angry about how they embarrassed her” last year and is now ready to release a follow-up to “Bad Blood” that will dish all the dirt of her feud with Kardashian and West.


“Taylor feels that the damage Kim and Kanye did was way worse than anything any of her enemies or ex-boyfriends ever did,” the insider said, adding that the song “includes lyrics referring to Kim and Kanye’s horrible year” that saw Kardashian robbed and West sent to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

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“She’s hitting below the belt,” added the magazine’s Taylor source, which sounds like there won’t be any subject that’s off limits when Swift hits back in song.

“Kim and Kanye aren’t going to be happy,” the source continued of Taylor’s supposed diss, which it’s thought will be released later this year, while the magazine’s insider claimed that the working title for the diss song is supposedly called “No F***s Given” – though we’re guessing the popstar won’t actually call the song that if it ever reaches the light of day.

No word yet on whether the star will be gathering her girl squad for another “Bad Blood”-esque video and Taylor hasn’t confirmed the claims, though it’s also being said that Swift isn’t taking any prisoners with the song.

Take a listen to Taylor’s last diss song, “Bad Blood,” below;

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