VIDEO: IS this Selena Gomez sneaking into Niall Horan’s hotel?

niall selena

niall selena

There is quite the furore breaking out on Twitter today, after this video surfaced, supposedly of Selena Gomez and One Direction singer Niall Horan.

The stars have been linked repeatedly and have both denied rumours that they’re dating on numerous occasions, however paparazzi claim that they spotted the 1D hunk and former Disney star sneaking into Chateau Marmont hotel this week, while Nialler was in the are for his Where We Are tour.

The last time Sel was in London, the pair were spotted heading out for dinner and drinks with one another, publicly clutching hands as they entered their British venue. So it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine that the duo would catch up again in LA.

However, they were apparently spotted on Tuesday night, just a day after Gomez was seen dining with her supposed celebrity boyfriend Justin Bieber and we can’t imagine that he’d be too happy to hear that his woman was spending alone time with a man as charming, handsome and rich as Horan.


The video below features a couple in a dark car, which is driving into the parking lot of the exclusive hotel and celebrity haunt.

It’s hard to tell of it is Selena in the clip and really, all we can say for sure is that the girl in the car had long dark hair, similar to that of the singer.

Niall Horan ninja

It’s not exactly definite proof and there is always the chance that the paps got it wrong, or totally fabricated the story just to sell a few bits of footage.

We’re going to leave it to you to make that judgement for yourself. Have a watch of the video below and tell us, do you think it’s Niall and Selena? If so, what do you think Justin will have to say about that? Leave your comments below…

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