Will Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid react to THAT Little Mix Perrie Edwards dig?

by Lynn Rowlands

Last night, Little Mix debuted their new single, Shout Out To My Ex, on The X Factor, which is of course the show that put singers Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall together as a group.

And the song certainly leaves no doubt that it was written in the aftermath of a bitter breakup…

Leading inevitably then to speculation that it is about former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik, who broke-off his engagement to Perrie Edwards last year, just weeks after quitting One Direction.

At the time, it was widely rumoured that Zayn had dumped Perrie via text message. However, he later vehemently denied that…

But as we reported earlier, in ‘Our World’, Little Mix’s new book, Perrie insisted that he had dumped her by text, and that she was left “broken” by it.

So will Zayn respond to that claim? And will he or Gigi Hadid make any comment on the implication that Shout Out To My Ex is about Zayn Malik?


Well, probably not – unless it’s indirectly – because the fact is, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are clearly very happy together, despite having had their fair share of ups and downs…

In the early days of their relationship, it seemed that every other day there was a report in the press about them splitting after a row. However of late, and particularly since Zayn candidly revealed his struggles with anxiety and insecurity, the pair have seemed rock solid.

Gigi has been openly supportive of Zayn, and has heaped praise on him for his “strength” while dealing with anxiety so crippling, it’s forced him to cancel two headline appearances this year.

And he in turn has been gushing in his praise of Gigi, who he once dubbed “inspirational” for breaking out of the stereotypes that are often (unfairly) attached to models.

zayn malik gigi hadid pillowtalk 2

And though we really did love Zerrie, we also now love Zigi…

So we’re hoping that the whole Shout Out To My Ex drama will mark the end of the whole sorry affair for all concerned.

We also hope that the lovely Perrie can find happiness again, whether that’s with her rumoured current boyfriend Luke Pasqualino or someone else.

But one thing’s for sure, life is too short to hold grudges and harbour ill-will and anger. So maybe everyone can put it all to bed now!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.


  1. Moosh on October 17, 2016 at 11:09 am

    I disagree with your artical (nice though it sounds) Why should Perrie or any other human being carry feelings of anger inside them without “handing it back” to the person who dealt it out? Zayn with all his anxiety probably did end the relationship with a text. He wrote highly successful songs about Perrie and how he had affairs, his excuse being she didn’t love him. (Poor Zayn) He openly takes drugs which may ir may not affect his libido. He moved on quickly making videos of a sexual nature for his ex to watch and you think he is now loved up? What love does a non empathic, cruel hearted person (if anxious) have to offer anyone? Gigi can “support” his issues all she likes but he needs to publicly say “I’m really sorry Perrie” I dumped you by text, I used our relationship to make my first album, I.humiliated you publicly when you were suffering and “alone” and I looked loved up and had the added support of famous American big names with loads of followers whilst I did it. I call that bullying and I salute Perrie for defending herself and saying “no” to.his treatment of her because that might be the makings of him. I hope other young people see clearly that no one has the right to treat another person like that. Well done Perrie for being brave. Sometimes justice is necessary, it enables genuine moving on.

    1. Agus on October 17, 2016 at 10:36 pm

      me impresiona que eres parcial, aquí hay dos versiones de uno y de otra, cual esta en lo cierto?…..solo ellos lo saben; Moosh, ES SU VIDA……
      Por otro lado, creo que la mayoría de los músicos escribe sobre sus experiencias y es válido hacerlo, tal vez la forma de narrarlo hace la diferencia, unos son más creativos y otros simplemente llanos; está en nosotros elegir cual nos agrada.
      Totalmente de acuerdo con el artículo, ambos artistas merecen la FELICIDAD son jóvenes y con mucho camino por recorrer y no necesitan estas pavadas para ser exitosos.

    2. Oh Yeah on October 18, 2016 at 1:33 am

      Dang, you surely are one sided. Zayn wrote songs about struggling to be together, but he didn’t try to humiliate Perrie at all. He didn’t say a word about her for a long time and when he did, he was not ugly or trying to put her down. He said he had respect for her and loved her. I doubt seriously he did it by text, maybe he put the final emphasis in a text, but I think this was coming for a long time. Perrie and her girls have used Zayn numerous times for promo. She liked a tweet about what he said and now it mysteriously disappears right before there plagiarized song came out. What kind of drugs does he do? He smokes weed, but your comment about him openly doing drugs is so misleading. Perrie needs to grow up…maybe her childish manipulative antics are why he left. He UPGRADED big time with a classy girl and Perrie is gutter level. Her being able to obtain an orgasm has nothing to do with Zayn’s libido, that’s her own issue. Should Zayn go around talking about all of Perrie’s disgusting habits? She should have been classier and not brought him into it. She’s a great singer…too bad she still acts like a spiteful child.

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