Zac Efron’s alleged NAKED photos leak!

by Emily H

Naked pictures alleged to be of Zac Efron are thought to have leaked online.

According to a user at ATRL, naked photos allegedly of the former High School Musical star began leaking online on March 17 and supposedly came from the phone of ex-girlfriend Sami Miro, who he split with last year.

The forum user claimed photos of Zac and his former girlfriend in various states of undress had hit the web and reportedly showed someone who looks like Zac in bed with a girl who looks a lot like Sami.

“The leaks only are focused on the girls and they include guy pics if she’s included,” the user claimed, alleging that the images, and a possible sex tape, were taken from Miro’s phone. “The leakers are probably are disregarding all the dick pics and videos the female celeb has/had on their phone.”

Instagram/Sami Miro

Zac has not yet commented on the naked photo leak and it has not been officially confirmed if the photos are in fact of the actor or how much skin they show, though some of the snaps allegedly show Miro’s face pretty clearly and it’s thought she’s not wearing a whole lot.

This is just the latest in a slew of naked photo leaks to make news this week, as actress Amanda Seyfried was hit by a nude scandal after her nude snaps hit the web.

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Zac and Sami were first spotted together in September 2014 but called off their relationship around a year and a half later in April 2016, after which things turned pretty nasty between the former couple.

The two quickly deleted all trace of each other on their Instagram accounts while Hollywood Life claimed that Miro was quick to diss her ex in the wake of their split.


Sami reportedly slammed the actor on Twitter, tweeting out last year, “Missed your chance, bye bye” alongside the hashtag #iaintsorry.

Miro then continued to slam Efron on the social media site, revealing on social media that she was “Finally ready to talk about it,” before then spilling some the beans on why the split.

“Oh, when he texts you saying he’s trying so hard to move on but you already moved on months ago,” Sami wrote last year, seemingly hitting out at Zac. “When you’ve never been happier and he’s still a hot mess.”

See Zac Efron and Sami Miro together in happier times below;