Coronation Street: Corrie’s writers argue over Bethany Platt’s sex grooming storyline

by Angharad

It’s a difficult story-line for all involved with the harrowing plot surrounding Bethany Platt at the moment.

None more so than the writers who have reportedly had many “heated disputes” leading up to the scenes on screen.

The teen is currently been pursued by Nathan Curtis, who is 20 years older than her and the “very dark” plot is sure to shock viewers in upcoming scenes.

Corrie writer Jan McVerry told the Daily Star that she thinks the story-line is “an important story to tell for young people, particularly those who may be lacking in self-confidence.”

The 50-year-old added: “There are worries these unscrupulous bastards get in your lives and lure you away. It is a very dark subject. My own children are teenagers but others with very young children have asked ‘should we be going into this darker territory?”

The new character has already manipulated the young girl, played by Lucy Fallon, to work in his beauty business using some sinister flattery that has left many fans of the show with a chill down their spine.

Actor Christopher Harper told The Radio Times: “This is a story about someone who is making a teenage girl fall in love with him. It’s not about online grooming – he’s doing it face to face. It’s not some weird, ugly bloke on the other side of a computer.

“This is a tale of somebody who is not behaving as he should be doing and a girl who can’t read the signals in the way that someone who’s a bit older would be able to,”  he added.


Christopher continues: “He’s not your normal alpha male and even his sexuality is fairly unclear – is he gay, is he straight, is he into anything at all? I love how slippery he is, certainly at the beginning – it should be making your toes curl.”