Coronation Street Spoilers: Bethany Platt in more danger because of Nathan?

by Angharad

Bethany Platt’s sex grooming storyline is about to get even worse.

The youngster is soon to be lured into a flat by Neil, a creepy friend of her older boyfriend Nathan Curtis.

Viewers have already been introduced to Neil this week when he expressed an interest in 17-year-old Bethany.

When Nathan invited Bethany to his flat to show her off, he told his friend that ‘it wasn’t the right time” but that he would let him know as soon as Bethany was ready.

The sex ring storyline will see Nathan begin to share his young companion with his older friends.

Although many fans have been disgusted by the recent storyline, show boss Kate Oates has said that the soap “are not shying away from the details.”

Will Bethany’s mum Sarah find out before it is too late?

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Sally Webster’s sister is set to make a return after almost 30-years away from the street.

Younger sister Gina Seddon comes back on the scene soon and will be played by Connie Hyde – will she have anything to do with Sally’s future storyline where she is targeted by vicious online trolls?


Fans will also soon discover the story behind mysterious new character Shona.
With many guessing that she is connected to Kylie Platt, with some saying that she is possibly the mother of her murderer Clayton, “viewers won’t have long to wait to see her true colours.”