Coronation Street Spoilers: Caz spreads malicious lies about Maria & Alya angers Sinead!

by Lynn Rowlands

In the first of two visits to Coronation Street on Monday, 24th October, having overheard Sharif and Alya arguing over Alya’s new lingerie venture, Yasmeen wants to know what’s going on…

Clearly on the back foot, Sharif makes out he’s loaned Alya £20,000 to finance her new business; a story which Yasmeen accepts.

Meanwhile, over at the factory, as Alya unpacks her new embroidery machine with Aidan, Sinead watches with sullen resentment…

But later, when Johnny returns from his holiday, he’s furious over the new venture. Can Ayla overcome this latest calamity to get her venture off the ground?

Elsewhere, Caz leaves, telling Kirk she’s going to Nottingham to find somewhere to live. She adds that she’ll be back to pick up her stuff, but can Caz tugs on Kirk’s heart strings before it’s too late?

In the second episode, whilst Sinead struggles with the embroidery machine manual, Alya reassures Johnny they’ll have it up and running in no time. Johnny’s taken aback to later learn that Alya paid for the machine herself.

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Also in this episode, with encouragement from Kirk, Liam asks Aidan if he can spend the night with him and Eva. Aidan reluctantly agrees, but it’s clear that Eva enjoys having Liam to stay, and texts a picture of Aidan and Liam to Maria. Aidan struggles to hide his discomfort.

Next, on Wednesday, 26th October, as Alya heads off for work, she’s clearly stressed and confides in Sharif that she still hasn’t got the new embroidery machine up and running, and that Johnny’s unimpressed.

Elsewhere, Caz arrives back and makes out things didn’t work out for her in Nottingham. Kirk warns her that Maria’s due back on Monday, adding that she’d better be gone by then.

Meanwhile, having become quite attached to Liam, Eva suggests he could stay with them until Maria comes home. Aidan feigns enthusiasm before having a quiet word with Kirk, making out Eva’s not cut out for motherhood and implying that he should pick Liam up as soon as he can.

There’s another double-bill of Coronation Street on Friday, 28th October, and in the first episode, after a pretend row with Maria on the phone, Caz tells Kate she’s nowhere to stay. But Kate makes it clear she couldn’t care less.


Meanwhile, when Kirk approaches with Eccles, he’s friendly towards Craig but completely blanks Beth. Beth’s upset and Craig forms a plan to reunite them…

Luring Kirk to No.5 on the pretext of a plumbing problem, Kirk lets himself in to find his surprise. Will it be enough to win Kirk over?

Also in this episode, as Faye and Seb chat over a milkshake in the café, Faye’s unsettled to clock Seb eyeing up a customer’s purse. Worried that Seb intends to steal the purse, what will Faye do?

And finally, when a rival kebab shop owner calls in at Prima Doner and threatens to sue Dev for replicating his uniforms, Alya steps in and while pointing out you can’t copyright a colour, and that the logos are different, sends him packing. Dev’s impressed, and when Alya suggests she designs some new uniforms for the shop, he’s all for it.

In the second episode, crying crocodile tears, Caz gives Tyrone a sob story, telling him that Maria’s gone nuts and is sending her abusive texts. Tyrone’s completely taken in…

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Elsewhere, Alya puts pressure on grumpy Sinead and insists she run up some template uniforms for the kebab shop. Later, Dev’s impressed with Alya’s uniform designs, but how will Sinead react when Alya fails to give her any of the credit?

Meanwhile, when Beth returns home to find Peanut the dog, but no sign of Kirk, she’s gutted. Finding Kirk, she begs him to give her another chance, but will he relent?

Also in this episode, Faye confronts Seb about his intention to nick the purse. Seb though makes out he was doing it for her as he wanted to buy her something nice. Later on, Faye’s appalled and when Seb reveals he’s stolen a bottle of wine from the corner shop. How will she respond?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.