Coronation Street Spoilers: David Platt to wed again? Will newbie Shona be the new Kylie?

When Coronation Street aired the episode in which mum-of-two Kylie Platt died on the cobbles in the arms of her husband David, the nation was shocked and moved by the tremendously powerful scenes.

However, when Paula Lane first arrived on the show in 2010 in the role of Kylie, her character was a troublemaking waster, who not only had her son Max taken away from her, she at one time sold him to her sister Becky for £20,000!

In short, she was a shady character who was always involved in some dodgy scam or other. But David Platt fell for her and married her, in part probably to annoy his mum Gail, who knew Kylie was trouble and wanted her son to have nothing to do with her…

But as time went on, Kylie mellowed out and worked hard on changing her life to become the wife David needed her to be – though he supported her during the many times she backslid – and the mum her kids deserved.

Even Gail ended up loving Kylie like a daughter, and just days before Kylie’s tragic and way too early death, she and David were planning to start a new life in Barbados, where they could put everything behind them and begin a new chapter.

But fate intervened and Kylie was gone, leaving David a devastated and distraught mess who was not only suicidal, he was homicidal too…

However, though it was ultimately poor Anna Windass who suffered the most for David’s grief-driven madness, the shocking events cleared David’s head, and he began focussing on putting his life back together.

Surely though, even though David is of course a young man with many years ahead of him, he wouldn’t be thinking about a new romance yet?

Well, while speaking to Radio Times recently, Jack P Shepherd, who’s played the role of Jack on Coronation Street since being a young child, teased that in soap, not only does time move a lot faster than in real life, the unbelievable can be made utterly believable.

He said, “Whenever I say that David could go off with other people, journalists have always said that he has to be sad forever because what happened with Kyle was so traumatic.

“But things do move quickly in soap. Before you know it, he’ll be shacked up with somebody else or getting married again.”

He added, “I just read what the writers have in store for David, and believe in it…

“And if I believe in it, then the audience will believe in it too.”

Having read Jack’s remarks, the first thing that occurred to me is how much like Kylie the character of Shona is!

Remember we first met her over Christmas when, while in a bar, she stole David’s wallet. And thanks to Billy and his big heart, Shona ended up on Coronation Street, and once she found out David’s tragic story, she gave the wallet back…

So could it be that David and Shona will get together?

Is that a turn of events you would like to see? Or do you think it really is too early for David to find someone else?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.