Coronation Street Spoilers: Mary’s BIG secret revealed? Plus, Roy calls off the wedding!

by Lynn Rowlands

In the first of two episodes of Coronation Street that airs on Monday 5th December, Mary returns from the hospital and announces she’s been given the all clear. Dev, Erica and Norris are delighted for her, but Mary remains strangely downbeat…

When Mary leaves a ring binder on the table, curious Erica glances through it. But what does she find?

Elsewhere, Cathy’s concerned to notice Roy has a rash on his neck and wonders if it’s stress related. Roy does his best to play it down, however, both are distracted as a familiar face arrives at the cafe, much to Roy and Cathy’s dismay.

In the second episode, when Erica tries to question Mary about the contents of her ring binder, Mary becomes defensive and hurries out, leaving Erica’s deeply concerned for her.

What could she be hiding?


In the café, Nessa introduces herself to Brian and offering him a swig of her duty free booze, proceeds to flirt with him.

The next trip to Coronation Street is on Wednesday 7th December, and the drama begisn as Nessa’s startled to find Roy sitting on her bed. Cathy’s concerned to realise he’s been sleepwalking.

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Meanwhile, Yasmeen urges Cathy to confront Nessa over Alex’s parentage. But Cathy refuses to rock the boat, worried it could cause Roy even more stress. But reality hits Roy as his anxieties begin to spiral out of control…

Elsewhere, Erica confides in Norris how worried she is about Mary. Finding Mary in the flower shop, Norris tells her that he only wants to help, but he’s left speechless when Mary reveals a huge bombshell.

Next, on Thursday 8th December, Yasmeen’s irritated by Nessa’s brazenness and berates Nessa for her affair with Cathy’s husband. As the women square up and Roy gets agitated, Cathy calls a halt to the row…

However, on hearing Nessa bragging about being a magnet for men, Cathy finally unleashes her fury at her sister for her affair with Alan. Nessa’s stunned as Cathy throws her out.

Later, Cathy tells Roy she’s sure to fail him as a wife, like she did Alan, and suggests they should call off the wedding. Is this what Roy wants?


Elsewhere, Mary tries to avoid Norris but he tracks her down. Not wishing to discuss her past, Mary orders Norris to forget she ever mentioned it. In the face of Norris’ pestering, Mary insists she made peace with what she did many years ago but is Mary being truthful?

There’s another double-bill of Coronation Street on Friday 9th December, and in the first episode, Cathy wakes to find Roy cancelling the church. Disappointed, she hints at a change of heart, but Roy doesn’t take the bait. Meanwhile, Cathy’s aghast to realise that Roy’s rash has vanished and assumes he’s relieved.

Soon, Roy cancels the flowers and the reception, and calls on Ken and Anna to explain that the wedding is off. Anna’s secretly relieved she won’t have to leave the flat.

In the meantime, Alex is annoyed at Nessa for causing chaos. But an unrepentant Nessa blames Roy for going back on his promise to Cathy. As Roy listens in, it’s clear his conscience is troubling him.


Later on though, Roy points out to Cathy it was she who called off the wedding. However, an exasperated Cathy explains she was merely seeking comfort from him. With the misunderstanding aired, will Roy decide the wedding must go ahead after all?

In the second episode, Steph takes charge and leads Roy out of the Bistro, soon managing to calm him down. Tyrone’s alarmed to see Roy in such distress, and confiding in Brian about Roy’s panic attack, they agree to take action.

Meanwhile, in the café, as Cathy practises her wedding vows using a dictaphone, Nessa returns. Cathy agrees to let bygones be bygones, not wanting any further trouble ahead of her big day.

Later, Brian and Tyrone corner Roy and demand to know if he had a panic attack because he’s feeling trapped by the wedding. Brian and Tyrone follow Roy up to his flat where, faced with their badgering, he finally admits he doesn’t want to get married but won’t break his promise to Cathy…


In despair, Brian and Tyrone hit Roy with some home truths. But is it too little too late?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.