Coronation Street Spoilers: Michelle makes shock baby decision & what now for David Platt?

by Lynn Rowlands

In the first of a double-bill of Coronation Street on Monday, 24th October, as the tension rises in court while everyone awaits the verdict at Clayton’s murder trial, what’s the state of play with David?

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Elsewhere, when Liz inadvertently lets slip to Amy that Michelle is pregnant, Amy’s thrilled at the prospect of a little brother or sister…

In the second episode, as the foreman of the jury pronounces the verdict of Clayton’s trial, strong emotions flood through the courtroom.

Later, Gemma, Craig and Eva raise a toast to Kylie in the Rovers.

Also in this episode, Liz is forced to admit to Michelle she let slip about her pregnancy to Amy, leaving Michelle furious.

And finally, Gail orders Sarah to stay away from Gary and focus on her family.

We’re back on Coronation Street for more drama on Wednesday, 26th October so that Sarah’s psychiatric nurse tells her that as she’s done so well, she’s now discharged as a patient. A delighted Bethany hugs Sarah, both thrilled with the news.


Later, having received a text asking him to meet her, Gary finds Sarah lurking in the ginnel. Apologising for all the mixed messages, Sarah admits she really wants to be with him, and they soon kiss passionately.

Over at the pub, while Amy helps Steve to build a cot for the new baby, Michelle struggles with her fears for their child’s future as they await the results of Steve’s tests.

There’s another double-bill of Coronation Street to end the week on Friday, 28th October, and having opened Michelle’s iPad, Amy’s shocked to realise her stepmum has been googling abortion clinics…

Clearly upset, Amy confides in Leanne and Robert. Leanne tries to comfort her whilst Robert’s just stunned to realise Michelle’s pregnant.

Later on, when Leanne warns Michelle that Amy’s found out about her plans for an abortion, Michelle breaks down. She tells Leanne that she’s so worried the baby could have MD, a termination seems the only way forward.

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In the second episode, Michelle has a heart to heart with Robert and tells him of her worries about the baby. Robert’s supportive and assures her that she’ll be a great mum, no matter what. Buoyed by Robert’s words, Michelle then assures Amy that she’s going to have the baby.

Elsewhere, Nick promises Leanne that he’ll stand by her whatever the outcome of Steve’s test.

Later, as the genetic counsellor breaks the news of his results to Steve and Michelle, will they get the answer they’re all so desperately hoping for?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.