EastEnders spinoff? Heather Trott calls for dead characters to return in DeadEnders!

by Emily H

A former EastEnders actress is urging the BBC soap to start a spinoff series feature fan favourite characters who have been killed off on the main show.

Cheryl Fergison, who fans will remember as Heather Trott, took to Twitter to let the world in on her idea on January 7, revealing that she thinks the soap should expand its horizons and bring back our dead old favourites in a new series to be titled DeadEnders.

Cheryl described her spinoff idea as “a soap with all Enders dead characters” on the social media site, which we’re guessing means would feature a rotating cast of former characters who have previously died on the show.

“MY idea u hear it 1st so if anyone nicks the idea u know ’twas mine!” Cheryl, who left the BBC soap in 2012 after being murdered by Ben Mitchell then added.

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As EastEnders fans will know, there’s a whole heap of characters who could find their way to DeadEnders after being killed off on the soap, including the two most recent characters to meet their end, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell.

The BBC are yet to speak out about Fergison’s DeadEnders idea, though it sounds like some EastEnders fans would be open to the idea.

“Love it,” @judyboo tweeted in response to Cheryl’s spinoff idea, while the tweet has so far gained quite a bit of attention.

As we know, EastEnders aren’t exactly adverse to a spinoff series or two, as we can expect the Kat and Alfie Moon spinoff Redwater to hit screens later this year while the BBC also produced EastEnders: E20 as an internet spinoff series between 2010 and 2011.

Watch the moment Heather Trott met her end on EastEnders back in 2012 in the clip below;

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