EastEnders spoilers: Boss dishes on Max’s evil revenge plot! What’s he really up to?

by Emily H

EastEnders bosses are teasing what Max Branning is really getting up to in the soap after teasing his evil revenge plot over the past few months.

Though we still don’t really know what Max (played by Jake Wood) is really up to – though it looks like he’s ready to get some serious revenge on the square after being wrongly imprisoned for Lucy’s murder – the BBC soap’s big boss Sean O’Conner is revealing that Max’s story “will be at the heart of the show for quite a while.”

“You have to hold off the denouement of the story for as long as possible and then, when you finally deliver it, it should have real power,” he admitted to Metro of why we’re probably going to have to wait a little while longer to see what Max is really getting up to.

“When it is finally exposed, it’ll be much more compelling because we’ll have months and months of anticipation and suspense,” O’Conner continued, calling whatever’s coming a “huge story.”

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“I’m delighted that it’s keeping the audience guessing,” added the EastEnders boss of the mystery surrounding Abbie and Lauren’s dad right now, before describing the storyline as being about “big, messy, moral issues like revenge, justice and forgiveness.”

But while he wouldn’t give too much more away about exactly what Max has been plotting, there’s no doubting that when the truth finally comes out it’s going to be huge.

“The revenge that he is planning is of an epic nature but the very thought of it causes him heartbreak – and that’s absolutely brilliant,” Sean O’Conner continued of what’s to come.

See what’s coming up in EastEnders in the spring trailer below;

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