EastEnders Spoilers: First-look at Ronnie & Roxy’s funeral, but SHOCK truth about their deaths?

In the episode of EastEnders that airs on Friday 20th January, it’s the day of tragic Ronnie and Roxy’s funerals. And of course, for those they left behind, it’s a tremendously difficult day.

But it’s perhaps the hardest for their mother Glenda and for Jack, who had of course married Ronnie just hours before she died.

However, what EastEnders viewers don’t know yet is what the official findings of the post-mortems on Ronnie and Roxy will be…

Obviously it’s safe to assume that both died of drowning, but did her drug use have any part to play in Roxy’s death?

As you no doubt recall from the scenes that aired in the New Year’s Day episode, Roxy, while drunk, dived into the pool first and failed to resurface.

We assumed it was because perhaps she had banged her head by diving into water too shallow. Or maybe even that she had hit the water at an unfortunate angle and broken her neck or some such.

But if it turns out that it was in fact that Roxy’s body simply gave out due to the after effects of her recent drug and alcohol binging, then of course, by diving in to try and save her sister, Ronnie lost her life because of the actions of her reckless and feckless sibling…

And we can only imagine how Jack’s going to feel about that.

If that does turn out to be the case, then Jack is surely also going to feel somewhat betrayed by his brother Max’s actions in removing the bag of drugs from Roxy’s hotel room before it was searched by police after Ronnie and Roxy’s bodies were found…

Again at the time, we assumed he’d done so in a bid not to have Roxy’s name dragged through any scandalous and seedy mud; primarily for her daughter Amy’s sake if nothing else.

But of course, in taking the drugs and later flushing them down the drain, he played a big role in getting rid of incriminating evidence. And the police don’t tend to take too kindly to that.

And as mentioned, we doubt that Jack will either.

In the meantime though, there’s plenty more simmering tension ahead on EastEnders, and as we reported yesterday, a newly released teaser trailer promises some big storylines are about to reach breaking point…

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