EastEnders Spoilers: Jack finds out why Ronnie & Roxy REALLY died & Denise has her baby!

The first episode of EastEnders for the week airs on Monday 9th January, and in it, it’s Amy and Ricky’s first day at their new school. But as Glenda worries it’s too soon for them, Jack tries to distract himself as he waits for the Coroner’s report.

After a difficult start for Amy and Ricky, Jack returns to find the Coroner waiting for him, and learns the truth about what happened on that terrible night. A raging argument soon ensues between Jack and Glenda.

Elsewhere, Carmel throws a surprise baby shower for Denise, but she’s clearly less than impressed. However, when Denise puts an early end to the celebrations, Shirley questions if everything is okay.

The surprises continue for Denise though when Libby arrives. She also reveals she’s staying for the birth.

Meanwhile, Mick desperately searches for a way to find money to help Elaine and Linda. But when he rapidly runs out of options, he’s forced to go to desperate lengths.

Later, when Babe gets up to no good, she’s caught in the act by Mick. However, there’s an amusing turn of events when, after Tina seeks help from Mick to learn to ride a bike, things don’t go to plan…

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Also in this episode, after talking to Denise at the Minute Mart, Mick comes to a worrying realisation. He decides to tell Shirley that Buster had an affair, and adds that he thinks it might have been with Denise.

And finally, a grumpy Phil returns home from the hospital, and though Louise is of course happy about that, she’s feeling upset having been wound up by Keegan, a boy from school.

EastEnders continues on Tuesday 10th January, and as the ladies prepare for Michelle’s surprise farewell party at The Vic, the topic of Denise soon comes up and Carmel admits she’s had to go for another scan.

Denise soon arrives and reveals some big news, which is that she’s being induced later in the week.

Meanwhile, with Mick’s words on her mind, Shirley pushes Denise for information on who the father of her baby is. And after a conversation with Sharon, Shirley decides to confront Denise in the toilets. Will the truth be revealed?

In the meantime, Michelle walks into the Vic and finds everyone waiting for her. But as the residents of the Square bid farewell, Michelle sneaks off. What is she hiding?

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The last visit to the EastEnders this week airs on Friday 13th January, and the drama begins as we see Denise heading to the hospital with Patrick by her side…

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After being given medication to induce her labour, sure enough, her contractions begin. However, Denise is far from pleased when Kim arrives. But as she’s soon feeling overwhelmed, Denise asks Kim and Patrick to be with her during the birth.

But will Denise tell Kim the truth about the adoption? And will she even still go through with it?

Back on Albert Square, Whitney is determined to celebrate Mick’s upcoming birthday, but after Whitney and Lee give him a thoughtful present, Mick secretly tells Lee to return it as they need the money.

As the night comes to an end, Babe bitterly confronts Whitney and tells her she’s no good for Lee, nastily adding that she’s ruined his life.

Elsewhere, Bex is left torn over her future and debates going off to college or staying at sixth form to do A-Levels. Bex also admits to Stacey that she still has feelings for Shakil.

Outside later, Bex bumps into Keegan, who winds her up over her feelings towards Shakil.

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