EastEnders Spoilers: Panicked Steven confronts Jane! And more upset for Sharon

by Lynn Rowlands

The week on EastEnders kicks off on Monday 24th October, and we return to Albert Square to fine that Jane is on a mission to get to the bottom of what’s going on with the finances at Beale’s…

Steven grows paranoid that she’s on to him, and later, finds himself alone with Jane. But will the truth come out?

Elsewhere, it’s Lee’s first day at his new job, and Whitney’s excited as she continues to makes plans for their wedding…

After a successful first day for Lee, Whitney suggests they look into the possibility of buying a shared ownership house. Later, wanting to spoil Whitney, Lee buys her a gift.

Meanwhile, Kathy does her best to get through to Ben and once again urges him not to go through with the transplant. However, Ben remains determined.

Later, Sharon’s worried about Dennis’ behaviour, and suggests sending him to a different school could be the answer. As Ben and a reluctant Dennis discuss the possibility of Dennis moving schools, Ben thinks about his own future…


Also in this episode, it’s the day before Bex’s sixteenth birthday, but Martin’s concerned about Shakil’s plans.

And finally, Patrick’s upset when a harsh Claudette refuses to join him at the cinema with Dot.

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In the next episode of EastEnders on Tuesday 25th October, Stacey’s busy making final preparations for Bex’s birthday party, but after Martin confronts her about yesterday’s incident, a mortified Bex insists on cancelling.

Meanwhile, as Kush gives his brother some advice, Bex opens up to Stacey about her fears of moving too quickly. A supportive Stacey suggests she needs to speak to Shakil.

Later, Bex and Shakil find themselves alone together and as they talk, he gives her a touching gift.

Elsewhere, Dennis continues to get up to no good, forcing Sharon to apply for a place at a different secondary school.

Also in this episode, after getting off to a bad start on the market, Claudette quits her job on the flower stall and implies to Patrick that their relationship could be over.

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