EastEnders Spoilers: Which Mitchell sister could make shock RETURN?! Rita Simons says…

Ok, I confess that the headline above is (arguably) misleading because alas, neither Rita Simons nor Sam Womack are headed back to EastEnders…

Because of course their characters, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, are brown bread. And failing a Bobby Ewing-esque It Was All A Dream sequence, or a Kathy Beale style We Faked Our Deaths scenario, they will remain so. Or at least, it’s kinda to be hoped they will because their nearest and dearest are burying them in a few days.

However, according to TV Biz, there is a possible comeback for Mitchell sister Sam – she is of course Phil and Grant’s sister – who’s played by Danniella Westbrook.

The last time we saw Danniella onscreen as Sam it was during the week of episodes in which EastEnders icon Peggy Mitchell was laid to rest, which at the time seemed to be some 17 years after she died.

But lest the Square forget about her, Sam left a reminder in the form of her son Ricky, who she basically dumped with his dad Jack Branning. And of course, right now, Jack is struggling to come to terms with the death of Ronnie while juggling caring for Ricky, Amy and baby Matthew.

So might Sam head back to Albert Square to reclaim her son in the wake of Ronnie’s death?

Well, as she couldn’t wait to ditch him, that seems somewhat unlikely, but who knows.

However, of the prospect of Danniella making a comeback as Sam, an anonymous source said, “Danniella would be overjoyed to return to EastEnders and reprise her role as Sam Mitchell.

“After Ronnie and Roxie’s deaths, Jack is at rock bottom on the show, so Sam returning would be the support he really needs to help him look after their son.”

Time will of course tell whether Danniella returns to the show or not, but in the meantime, back to Sam Womack and Rita Simons and their departure as Ronnie and Roxy…

And while speaking to Sunday People, the gorgeous Rita said, “EastEnders was a great job but it’s time to move on.”

However, she added, “If Sam had gone and I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been far behind her.”

We’re still gutted that Sam and Rita have left the show. Are you?

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