Emmerdale horror! Are Paddy & Rhona DEAD after smashing into Aaron’s car? James & Emma next! VIDEO

by Lynn Rowlands

Last night’s episode of Emmerdale opened, as they all have and will this week, with scenes of a funeral…

However, we won’t know until Friday night who has died.

And in fact, it’s yet to be revealed if ITV’s ‘super soap week’ – Coronation Street are also airing a dramatic week of episodes – will see several Emmerdale villagers die as one shock after another airs.

The week kicked off with Aaron and Robert having a car crash as they headed back to the village after Aaron kidnapped manipulative teen, Lachlan White.

So as mentioned above, it remains to be seen if Aaron and Robert make it out of the crash alive or not.

And ditto for Lachlan…


But his chances of survival lessened considerably in last night’s show, given that the episode ended with Paddy and Rhona seemingly about to plough into the back of Aaron’s overturned and mangled car!


The pair were themselves headed back to Emmerdale, hot on the heels of Pierce, who had just caught Rhona out in not only a lie – she told him she was at home when in actuality, she was with Paddy and Marlon at a campsite – but while hugging Paddy.

After Pierce drove off at speed, Rhona persuaded Paddy to drive her home so she can sort things out with Pierce…

However, as they drove along the road at speed, Paddy took his eyes off the road – which is exactly what Aaron did in Monday night’s episode – and the next thing we knew, he and Rhona were heading straight for Aaron’s car.

Can Lachlan survive the inevitable impact? And what about Rhona and Paddy?

Again, we’ll have to wait until Friday to find out, but in tonight’s trip to the dales, the action focuses on Emma and James Barton…

And though Emma has been holding injured James captive at Wylie’s Farm – his numerous attempts to escape have so far been thwarted – the tables turn tonight when it’s Emma who’s in grave danger!

By the looks of it, a panicked James has hit Emma with a bottle, rendering her unconscious. But who’s going to get out of Wylie’s alive?

Both or neither?


Here’s a sneak peek look at tonight’s Emmerdale action…

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