Emmerdale Spoilers: Has devastated Charity committed SUICIDE? Police call on Cain with news…

by Lynn Rowlands

In the episode of Emmerdale that airs on Tuesday 25th October, while Charity tries to stop Noah from complaining, Cain’s stopped in his tracks when the police arrive to question him…


Moira attempts to defend Cain, but does he already have an alibi?

Later, with the police gone, Cain thanks Moira for sticking up for him but she tells him to just hurry up and go. Her harsh words make him realise there’s nothing left between them now.

When he’s back at the Woolpack, Cain suggests to Charity that they leave for France early. Charity’s surprised he wants to go so fast, but she’s also pleased to hear it.

Meanwhile, Liv comforts Noah and tells him she knows all about having a ‘difficult’ mother.

Next, on Wednesday 26th October, as Charity packs ready to head off to France, Noah announces that he’s going to live with Moira. However, it’s clear it’s new to Moira, who’s stunned when Noah bursts in and declares he’s living with her now.

Back at the Woolpack, Chas urges Charity to talk to Noah and explain to him that she and Cain need to get their home sorted before they can have him join them.


However, later on, while Chas hugs Cain goodbye, Noah tells Charity he never wants to see her again. Cain tries to reassure her that Noah will come around in time.

There’s a double-bill of episodes of Emmerdale on Thursday 27th October, and in the first, Charity and Cain are ready to leave the village. But as Charity says goodbye to Moses, Ross is harsh with her and after his words, for a moment, Charity seems genuinely torn…

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However, soon, Charity returns to the pub, and having said their goodbyes, she and Cain are ready to start their new life. But it’s not long before Cain pulls over on a quiet country road. And what happens next causes Charity’s world to fall apart…

As we’ll see in the second episode, a devastated Charity is bereft as Cain refuses to Emmerdale leave with her. She screams at him to just drive, but he can’t bring himself to go…

He gets out of the car and gives Charity the keys, telling her to say hi to Debbie when she gets to France. She begs him not to do this, warning him that if he does, he’ll never see her or Debbie again. However, Cain doesn’t look back as he walks away.

A broken Charity eventually drives away and later, we see a heartbroken Charity rev the engine. It soon becomes clear she’s poised to drive over the edge of a cliff to her death…

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The final visit to Emmerdale for the week airs on Friday 28th October, and in it, we’ll see that the police prepare to drag Cain’s car from the bottom of the lake.

Back in the village, Zak’s surprised to see Cain back, and Chas is equally as incredulous to hear that he and Charity have split up. However, there’s a dramatic turn of events when the police arrive with the news his car is at the bottom of a lake.

Cain thinks Charity’s just acting up and crying wolf again, but deep down, he fears the worst…


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.