Emmerdale Spoilers: Charity & Frank pull off a diamond robbery? Will Chrissie be blamed?!

by Lynn Rowlands

Emmerdale Monday 6th February

Aware Home Farm is unoccupied, Frank and Charity prepare to execute their scam. With Charity in disguise, the jeweller soon turns up for the appointment and they both play the role of a couple wishing to purchase diamonds. It begins very promisingly but the situation soon goes awry…

However, Charity sees an opportunity and nicks a few diamonds but the jeweller is quick to notice and the pair make a quick escape. There’s a charged moment between them and they share a kiss, but Frank’s soon left fuming by Charity’s actions.

Meanwhile, Chrissie is left wondering who is targeting Home Farm when she returns to a house full of police…

Elsewhere, Pearl is the only one who’s turned up to book club and Tracey is disappointed until Pearl suggests they read something a little racier, giving Tracy food for thought…

And finally, Doug resigns himself to give up on finding the honesty box fiend.

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Emmerdale Tuesday 7th February

Chrissie confronts Charity about the source of her money for Sarah’s treatment, and Charity eventually pleads guilt over what she’s done. Chrissie threatens to call the police on Charity, however, Rebecca and Lawrence step in to smooth the situation over before the police get involved.

Chas and Debbie are dumbfounded by Charity’s illegal actions, while Frank wonders if he’s been implicated as he watches the Whites leave the pub.

Elsewhere, Pearl is astounded by the content of Tracy’s racy writing.

Emmerdale Wednesday 8th February

While Debbie distances herself from Charity, Charity is keen to entice Frank into scheming again, but will he be up for it?

Meanwhile, Frank gives Tracy some cash for David’s charity, crediting the windfall on a lucky horse.

Emmerdale Thursday 9th February

Nicola impresses Rishi at work, which irritates Priya. However, Priya’s impressed by Rakesh when he stands up to Nicola.

Elsewhere, Rhona tells Pierce she’s not keen on his rough advances. But how will he react?

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Emmerdale Friday 10th February

Finn is feeling bad about Aaron’s potential imprisonment and apologises to him. Meanwhile, Aaron and Robert argue over the situation, but Chas intervenes and they make up.

Elsewhere, Pierce is acting passive aggressively towards Rhona. So she’s surprised and a tad relieved when he tells her he’s going away for a conference. But is he really?

Also in this episode, Pollard encourages Finn to have one last shot at getting Kasim back, and finally, Priya tells Rakesh she doesn’t want him to leave.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.