Emmerdale Spoilers: Dingle family heartbreak over little Kyle – what now for Cain?

In tomorrow night’s episode of Emmerdale, Cain Dingle has to decide what to do about his young son, Kyle…

He has to decide whether the boy will remain in his custody or if he will stay with Zak and Lisa. However, if Cain listens to Lisa, then Kyle’s grandma Kerry will play a big role in raising little Kyle. At least until Joanie returns.

Understandably though, Cain isn’t exactly keen on even entertaining that notion, given he’s just found out that Kerry set fire to his caravan without having bothered to check if Zak was inside it…

To make matters worse, on more than one occasion, Kerry has lost track of Kyle while she was supposed to be taking care of him. However, the last time that happened, it turned out that it was actually because she suffered a hypoglycaemic attack, so couldn’t really be blamed.

That said, being diabetic, Kerry should have had something sugary with her in the event of such an episode. But as Cain had originally thought she’d collapsed while drunk, even he should thaw somewhat with the knowledge that it was in fact due to her illness that she passed-out.

However, Cain himself is hardly dad of the year material, and as Kerry’s beloved Dan pointed out to Cain in a recent episode of Emmerdale, he’s only Kyle’s father because he, Cain, had a fling with the then teenaged Amy.

In addition, in an upcoming episode, while struggling to control his temper, Cain will very nearly lash out violently at Kyle, which results in him coming to the realisation that he is very far from father material…

We do though know that his daughter Debbie is headed back to Emmerdale very soon, so could it be that she will save Cain’s bacon by taking Kyle in?

Well, she’s done the same for her mum Charity and she took care of her half-brother Noah for years, so there’s probably no reason why she wouldn’t take care of Kyle too.

That said, as we reported recently, it looks like Debbie is headed back to Emmerdale with a fair few issues of her own to deal with!

We can’t wait to find out what they are, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek look at tomorrow night’s trip to the village…

09 01 EMMERDALE CLIP from Unreality TV on Vimeo.

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