Emmerdale Spoilers: Has Bob CHEATED on Brenda? Can Paddy & Chas ever work out?

by Lynn Rowlands

The drama in Emmerdale continues on Monday 16 January, and we rejoin the village action to see that Neville is thrown when Nicola thanks him for paying out the insurance. But she’s utterly confused when he assures her there was no pay out.

She goes back to Jimmy and tells him about her conversation with Neville, determined to get to the bottom of why Rakesh lied.

Elsewhere, Chas gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Charity and Bob spent the night together when she finds him in the Woolpack back room.

When Bob goes back to the café, Brenda berates him for staying out all night and for coming home with no trousers!

Later, Chas lets everyone know Charity and Bob slept together, which is information Rodney gleefully relays to Nicola. How long will it be before the whole village, including Brenda, find out?

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And finally, Rhona apologises to Pierce, taking the blame for last night. But she’s uneasy to think she hasn’t been forgiven.

In the episode that airs on Tuesday 17 January, Nicola’s still determined to find out about what’s going on with the insurance money and so confronts Rakesh and Priya. She even suggests to them that Rakesh started the fire.

On their way home, Rakesh and Priya see Ronnie and advise him to keep quiet about the fire, pointing out it could implicate him too. Ronnie reluctantly agrees, however, later on, Nicola’s shocked when Ronnie goes to see her and tells her Rakesh started the fire deliberately.

Will Nicola go straight to the police?

And finally, Rhona apologises to Pierce again for upsetting him, saying she won’t go out with the girls anymore.

We’re back in Emmerdale on Wednesday 18 January to see Nicola starting work at the factory and lying to Lisa and Kerry that she desperately needed a job. However, the factory workers are shocked by what she says next…

Elsewhere, as Laurel worries about what sort of care home they can realistically afford, Marlon sets Paddy and Chas up on a date.

There’s a double-bill of Emmerdale on Thursday 19 January, and in the first episode, Paddy reluctantly agrees to going out for dinner with Chas…

At Tall Trees later, Marlon advises Paddy to get changed before his date with Chas, but when things don’t go to plan, Paddy is convinced he and Chas are cursed.

Meanwhile, Brenda suggests to Laurel that she should host underwear parties to raise some cash, leaving Laurel hopeful about a potential new job.

After a meeting with the party organiser, Laurel feels optimistic for the future and is touched to see Gabby entertaining Ashley.

Also in this episode, feathers are ruffled at the factory, but Kerry makes a stand when she’s handed her P45. Lisa’s also threatened with the sack, and is unimpressed.

In the second visit to the village, Paddy tries to hide his discomfort as he and Chas sit down for dinner. He drinks his wine quickly, desperate to numb the pain of his recent injury.

However, as the date continues, Chas is shocked when she unwittingly causes him to faint!

And finally, Nicola figures out a way for Kerry and Lisa to come back to work.

The final visit of the week to Emmerdale is on Friday 20 January, and in it, Chas is upset and fragile, and Paddy is jealous to see her seek comfort in her ex, DS Wise.

Paddy proceeds to tell Rhona and Pierce, and Pierce is shocked, as well as disconcerted at the thought of Paddy losing Chas to DS Wise.

Pierce is clearly determined to let nothing stand between Paddy and Chas, but just how far will he go?

Later on, Chas tells Paddy exactly how she feels…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.