Emmerdale Spoilers: Has Gabby’s behaviour pushed Laurel to the brink? Poor Ashley!

by Lynn Rowlands

In the episode of Emmerdale that airs on Tuesday 6th December, Laurel receives a call to say Gabby’s skipping school, but it’s not long before she learns where Gabby has been, and what she’s been doing, whilst bunking off…

But in the episode that airs on Wednesday 7th December, an understanding Laurel tells Gabby she shouldn’t have to take on the burden of her Dad’s illness alone, and encourages her to let her hair down and do the things teens do.

However, Gabby misinterprets Laurel’s advice and comes up with a boozy plan…

We’re back in Emmerdale on Thursday 8th December to see that Laurel’s upset that Ashley wants day-care rather than just being at home with her.

Meanwhile, at the cricket pavilion, Gabby and Liv are on a mission to get steaming drunk. And as the girls get tipsy, Liv challenges Gabby to a dare. When Gabby does it, Liv videos her antics and soon posts the video online.

Later, Laurel is perturbed when Tracy shows her the video. But matters take a turn for the worse when after having been found being sick, Gabby suddenly collapses and is rushed to hospital.

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In the second episode, at the hospital, the doctor tells a relieved Laurel, Gabby will be alright. But soon it all goes wrong for Laurel and Ashley when Ashley, in a confused state, accidentally hits Laurel after arguing with her. Laurel is distraught and Ashley bursts into tears when he realises what he’s done.

Later, on Main Street, Laurel, Gabby and Ashley return during the Christmas lights switch on at the village, and Bernice is shocked to see the state of them. That evening, after such a rough day, Laurel makes a decision over Ashley’s on-going care.

The last visit of the week to Emmerdale is on Friday 9 December, and in it, Laurel’s determined to manage without day care. However, her stress increases when a visit from Bernice flusters Ashley. Sandy insists Laurel have a break, which she gratefully accepts, leaving Sandy to look after Ashley and Dotty.

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Soon, Laurel is unwinding with Nicola but her mood is dampened when she returns home to find a bewildered Ashley outside in his pyjamas. Laurel’s day goes from bad to worse as she struggles to cope, and Ashley is almost knocked down when he steps in front of Diane’s car.

At her wits end, Laurel lies to a confused Ashley it’s time for bed, and puts him to bed early, but Ashley becomes distressed…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.