Emmerdale Spoilers: Lawrence has ANOTHER heart attack? Rhona pays a terrible price for having fun?

Emmerdale continues on Thursday 12 January, and when we rejoin the village drama, it’s to see Ronnie mustering all his strength to push through the door to get to Lawrence, who he believes has had a heart attack…

But has he? And what will happen to Lachlan if Lawrence doesn’t make it to court?

Elsewhere, Finn approaches Kasim at the bar and tells him that he’s on a date with Nathan, who’s sitting in the corner. Finn hopes he detects a hint of jealousy, but is only wishful thinking?

Later, Tracy worries when Finn says he’s seeing Nathan again…

Meanwhile, Rhona suggests to Pierce that they make the most of being home alone later. But when Pierce then finds her ticket for the hunk night the next day, he reacts badly, leaving Rhona unsure about his attitude.

So when Pierce says he’s going into work, is he really, or is he avoiding her?

Also in this episode, Nicola’s fired up after her visit to the portakabin, however, Jimmy dreads her interfering further with the business.

And finally, Charity senses all is not well with Zak and Lisa’s relationship.

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We’re back in Emmerdale on Friday 13 January to see Rhona reminding Pierce that it’s hunk night at the Woolpack tonight…

Later, when Pierce keeps calling her as the night is in full swing, Vanessa confiscates Rhona’s phone, leaving Pierce frustrated that she isn’t picking up.

However, Rhona’s too busy having a good time to give Pierce much thought, and though embarrassed, when Rhona is called up to the stage, everyone cheers her on. Outside though, Pierce hears Rhona’s name being chanted heads in, curious to see what’s going on…

He’s taken aback to see Rhona dancing with one of the hunks, and clearly unhappy, Pierce heads away with his insecurities gnawing at him.

Meanwhile, also at the hunk night, Carly is left mortified by Bob’s behaviour!

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Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Rebecca uses Ross to take her mind off things when Chrissie stands her up. However, when Chrissie walks in on them, she’s furious.

Will Chrissie and Rebecca’s recent truce be short-lived?

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