Emmerdale Spoilers: Is this the moment Aaron DIES? Death will part Robron? VIDEO

by Lynn Rowlands

Emmerdale fans will know that a week of special episodes kicks off tonight on ITV at 7pm…

Told in a ‘24’ style, each episode of the rural drama this week will feature the events of just one day as seen from the point of view of the characters at the heart of the storyline.

And it will all culminate on Friday night with the shock reveal of who died.

However, there could be more than one person who won’t live to see another week in the dales. But will Aaron Dingle be among the dead?

Well, there’s a good chance he will, given that today, Emmerdale bosses have released shock pictures that feature Aaron submerged under water…

Has Aaron drowned before Robert Sugden got the chance to ask him to marry him?


We sincerely hope not, but as mentioned above, we won’t find out who has met their maker until Friday night’s episode reveals whose funeral Harriet is conducting…


As each episode of Emmerdale opens this week, we’ll see funeral scenes, but of course, so as not to spoil the outcome of the hugely exciting plotline, there will be no clues as to who the villagers are laying to rest.

But coming as it does so soon after Holly Barton’s tragic death, Emmerdale’s residents are sure to be even more deeply affected by the latest untimely and heartbreaking loss.

Take a look at a sneak peek clips showing how the week kicks off for Aaron and Robert tonight…

However, also in grave danger this week is James Barton, who is being held – Misery styly – captive by his deranged and jealous wife, Emma. And as the week goes on, her descent into insanity becomes more profound and more terrifying…

Will she kill James rather than face losing him?

Or will it be Ashley who takes his Last Dance this week as his distressing vascular dementia symptoms worsen considerably?

There again, it could be Paddy, Rhona or her lover Pierce who don’t make it to the end of the week alive.

Here’s a reminder of the chilling ‘Last Dance’ teaser trailer…

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