Emmerdale Spoilers: Robron wedding OFF?! Aaron headed to PRISON for attacking Kasim?

by Lynn Rowlands

In the episode of Emmerdale that airs on Monday 16 January, David warns Tracy she needs to tell Nathan his services are no longer needed.

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However, at the café, Finn’s surprised when Nathan arrives and it’s not long before he discovers Tracy has been paying Nathan to take him out. Tracy’s caught.

On Tuesday 17 January, Finn’s worried when Kasim calls and wants to take him and Nathan for a drink, but he agrees. Tracy despairs as Finn offers Nathan cash to go on a date with him in the hope of winning Kasim back. Will Finn’s plan work?

Meanwhile, Aaron’s irritated at how much time Robert’s spending on the business plan for Rebecca. Chas is worried about Aaron and she warns him about being jealous and suggests he talk to Robert about his insecurities. Will he take his mum’s advice?

We’re back in Emmerdale on Wednesday 18 January to see that Kasim’s unimpressed when he realises Finn’s been paying Nathan to go out with him. Finn tries to explain, but he drives off. Finn gets in his taxi and follows him…

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Elsewhere, Aaron’s sick of Chas going on about the wedding, so when Charity suggests they get hitched in Vegas, the idea appeals. Aaron makes the suggestion to Robert, who further suggests they flip a coin to decide where to get wed.

In the first of two episodes of Emmerdale on Thursday 19 January, Aaron confesses to Finn that he and Robert are getting married in Vegas, but is later put out when Jimmy tells him Robert’s been out with Rebecca all morning. He calls Robert, who lies that he’s still at work, even though he’s having a celebratory drink with Rebecca.

When Aaron appears, Robert lays into him over his jealousy and the pair argue. Is this just a lovers tiff or something more serious?

In the second episode, Finn chases after Kasim and his dad Paul as they drive away, leaping into the road in front of them. Kasim then shoves Finn, desperate to prove himself to his dad. Finn’s left hurt when Kasim spells it out, saying he doesn’t need him anymore because he’s crazy…

Soon there is a fracas and an already angry Aaron finds himself getting involved, beating up Kasim. Aaron then tries to defend his actions before storming off, leaving Finn gutted when Kasim blames him for the attack.

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Later, Robert and Aaron are holding crisis talks about their relationship, but are interrupted when the police knock on the door.

The final visit to Emmerdale is on Friday 20 January, and in it, Robert tries to reason with Finn to help with Kasim, but he’s left stunned and frustrated when Finn harshly declines and storms out.

Later, Robert visits Finn to apologise, but will he be able to convince Finn to help him? Or will it result in further conflict?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.