Emmerdale Spoilers: Two characters to be killed off as Lachlan White returns?

by Angharad

In a shocking twist, two Emmerdale villagers may be killed off when troubled-teen Lachlan White returns.

Reports claim that the youngster will embark on a killing spree when he returns later this month after being locked up for perverting the course of justice after his grandfather Lawrence was shot.

But who will end up on the receiving end of Lachlan’s anger?

Turns out that the young Mr White may be back to finish off his grandfather Lawrence, who recently got together with Ronnie Hale.

Lawrence isn’t the only one who should watch his back though as Emma Barton is also in the firing line when Lachlan returns to the Yorkshire soap.

Although there is no confirmation of the rumour at this stage, a source told The Mirror that “there’s going to be a lot of change afoot.”

They added: “It will be a proper Emmerdale bloodbath.”

As Gillian Kearney has reportedly quit her role as Emma and John Bowe is being written out as part of the storyline, could these rumours have any truth behind them?

Currently, Emma Barton is hiding the secret that she killed her husband James.

Newcomer Faith Dingle recently discovered that the nurse killed James but was blackmailed in to silence when Emma saw her popping prescription pills.


Fans were not happy that the nurse managed to get away once again but in the next few weeks, all will be revealed as Emma’s sons are about to find out that their mother killed their father.

The “explosive” showdown will see the boys finally learn the truth about the accident, which happened a year ago, and Joe Gill teased fans that his character Finn could be the one to lash out!

But if Emma is revealed as a killer, how is Lachlan involved with her murder?

Watch this space!