Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Belle really leave? Plus, Cain fears Moira is at risk from Emma!

by Lynn Rowlands

We return to the drama in Emmerdale on Monday 5th December to see that the Dingle clan are appalled to hear Belle wants to leave for Boston with Jermaine Bailey. Zak implores her not to go, but Belle insists it’s the right decision.

Later, the family gather to discuss how to stop her leaving…

Meanwhile though, Cain takes matters into his own hands when, while driving down a country lane, he stops the car and orders Belle to get in. But will Cain’s tactics work?

Back at home, Lisa returns and is shocked to hear that Belle is going to America.

Elsewhere, Rhona is proud of Pierce when he doesn’t react to Liv’s taunting.


Next, on Tuesday 6th December, when Jermaine learns that his job starts earlier than expected, he and Belle have to alter their travel plans. In the meantime, Belle insists she’s happy about going to the States, but Lisa isn’t so sure she really is.

Later, the Dingles decide to throw a surprise party for Belle, hoping that it may convince her to stay. Will the plan work?

emmerdale belle lisa

Also in this episode, Vanessa suggests to Rhona that she should tell Pierce she’s missing being intimate with him. Having thought over what Vanessa had to say, Rhona plans a trip away for herself and Pierce, and is soon shopping for some surprises.

In the next visit to Emmerdale on Wednesday 7th December, Lisa and Zak reassure Belle that they’re on her side, whatever she chooses to do…

Elsewhere, Rhona tries to give Pierce an early Christmas present, but is horrified to see it wasn’t what she bought. Meanwhile, Paddy gives Chas her present, and she’s also shocked by the gift!

On Thursday 8th December, Rhona quizzes Paddy about his feelings for Chas, and later sets them up on a date in order to get them to at least talk.


Also in this episode, Lisa’s surprised to hear that Zak and Joanie are moving to Leeds, while in the meantime, Charity tries to cheer Belle up.


In the second episode, when an upset Belle comes across Liv hiding, she takes her under her wing and warns her to delete the video of Gabby. Liv pretends nonchalance, but secretly worries about the fallout. Later, Liv’s contrite when she learns Gabby went to hospital and apologises.

Meanwhile, once Bernice has comforted Gabby and sent her to bed, she picks up the phone to take matters further…


And finally, while Lisa urges Joanie and Zak not to leave, Chas suggests to Paddy that they go for a boozy lunch.

The last visit to Emmerdale for the week airs on Friday 9 December, and in it, Chas is unnerved when a police officer and social worker arrive to speak to Aaron. However, Liv’s defensive and unrepentant, despite getting a police warning.

Later on, Chas agrees with Bernice that Liv needs sorting out, but Bernice goes further and threatens to get her alcohol license revoked for supplying Liv with the booze. Furious, Chas makes a big decision.

Elsewhere, Moira puts on a brave face over the news that Hannah’s not coming back for Christmas. Later, Emma comforts her, but Zak’s unimpressed at Emma’s interference in Moira’s life. Cain meanwhile is worried that Emma wants to take the farm. However, Zak’s clearly determined to make sure that doesn’t happen…

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