Harry Styles is desperate to star in EastEnders

by Emily H

It turns out we almost could’ve seen Harry Styles pulling pints in the Queen Vic.

According to reports, the One Direction star was *this* close to making an appearance on the BBC One soap after some of the cast heard that he wanted to make a cameo.

Actress Tilly Keeper, who plays Louise Mitchell, and Jasmin Armfield, who portrays Bex Fowler, had reportedly heard that Harry was hinting at a guest starring role and urged producers to get in touch with the singer to bring him on board.

“I tried to sneak in the idea of having Harry in – but it wasn’t allowed,” Tilly told Daily Star, revealing that she wanted to get the now solo star to be a part of the recent prom scenes, which saw her character pushed onto a bed of candles by bullies.

However, the idea was turned down, which she admitted was “so disappointing.” We’ll say.

Harry has reportedly made no secret of the fact that he’s a fan of the show.

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“He absolutely loves EastEnders,” a source said, revealing that he’d allegedly be thrilled to even just be a guest star on the soap “even if it was a tiny role with no actual lines.”

But while we’ll have to wait and see if he really gets the chance to pull a pint at the Queen Vic, we know that he has been showing off his acting skills lately.

The singer has been getting rave reviews for his first big acting role in the movie Dunkirk, which has seen him break records.

As we previously reported, he’s the first star to have his debut film, single and album debut at #1 on their respective UK charts, which means he’s pretty much the king of all media (at least in our eyes…)

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