Hollyoaks Spoilers: Diane’s back, but what is she hiding? And Nancy collapses!

by Lynn Rowlands

Hollyoaks Monday 6th February

Darren’s worried that Nancy is sticking her head in the sand about her diagnosis in order to get her promotion.

However, it’s battle stations when Courtney decides to go for the same promotion, and Nancy puts all her efforts into her presentation.

Elsewhere, Grace and Shane have planted the fake money in the till, with Liam watching on ready to pounce on Grace. He meets Thorpe in The Folly and assures him that he wants Grace to pay. Courtney discovers that Liam is shifting fake notes at The Loft

Liam tells Thorpe to get there now. Meanwhile, Liam is at the station and tells Thorpe that he won’t stop until Grace is behind bars.

Tom lets himself into Esther and Kim’s flat with a key that Esther gave him. Kim has placed post it notes around the flat to remind Esther that Grace shot her, but Tom sees one…

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Hollyoaks Tuesday 7th February

Lily feels like a spare part when Diane returns for good. They all want to throw a surprise dinner for Diane, but she snaps at them that she’s busy. However, she reluctantly agrees when she finds out that Lily was looking forward to it.

Outside Nightingale’s, Diane is on the phone telling someone she loves them and will see them soon; is she having an affair?

Nancy is struggling to concentrate during her interview and trips over. Sally and Courtney are concerned when Nancy hits her head.

Jack wants to take his mind off his impending prison sentence and asks Mac for some shifts at The Dog.

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Hollyoaks Wednesday 8th February

John Paul finds Lily looking at a website for council housing and goes with her to speak to Diane. However, John Paul realises why Diane is so stressed and leaves a confused Lily alone with her.

Later, Lily overhears Diane on the phone telling someone she loves them, and it’s not Tony…

Elsewhere, Jack begs Frankie to spend some time with him.

Hollyoaks Thursday 9th February

Lisa is still worried that she and Mac are going to get caught for the hit and run. However, Mac reassures her that the campervan has been crushed.

Meanwhile, Jack goes to court for sentencing.

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Hollyoaks Friday 10th February

Tony can tell something is troubling Diane, and just wants her to be happy back in Hollyoaks.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Marnie are preparing for Hilton’s birthday party, which is actually an excuse to cheer Alfie up. However, Mac and Lisa are on edge.

And finally, Holly is heartbroken when she sees Alfie crying in his room after speaking to Jade.

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Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.