Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nana McQueen arrives, there’s guilt for Peri & shock behaviour from Simone!

by Lynn Rowlands

We’re back in Hollyoaks on Monday 24th October to see that Myra is stunned when Nana McQueen turns up on the doorstep…

Soon though, she confides in her mum that she’s worried about being a single parent again and decides to join a dating app.

Elsewhere, Mac finds out Neeta is suing him, but he’s even more furious when he discovers that James is helping her. With no-one on his side, including Marnie, James finally stands up for himself and punches Mac, but Nathan sees and orders James to stay away from them.

Next, on Tuesday 25th October, John Paul can tell that James is masking the extent of his hurt about having been rejected by his family…

After speaking to Lisa, Nathan decides to hear James’ side of the story, but will James open up?

Also in this episode, Myra goes on a date and is spied on by Nana and Celine. However, Myra’s date looks just like Diego…

She goes to visit Diego in prison, but another woman is already there – Cassandra!

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We take another trip to Hollyoaks on Wednesday 26th October to find that Marnie is appalled at the accusation when Nathan asks whether Mac ever ‘disciplined’ them when they were kids.

Later, James takes another man home to spite meddling John Paul.

Elsewhere, Peri’s flabbergasted when Nico suggests they get their own place together. But in the meantime, they’re both feeling guilty about Maxine, and more so when they bump into her outside the hospital. However, Peri can’t handle the guilt and rushes off.

Also in this episode, Lisa and Sonia have a strained conversation in the village, which ends up with Lisa sprawled on the floor after a fight. Simone later admits to Lisa that Sonia is the daughter she wants, not her.

Next, on Thursday 27th October, Lisa tries to stop a drunk Simone from getting in the car, but she refuses to listen. Later, Louis is worried about where Simone’s got to…

Meanwhile, James tries to apologise to John Paul about last night, but an angry John Paul suggests James should get some counselling.

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And finally, Peri finds herself in an awkward position when Maxine asks for her help.

The last episode of Hollyoaks this week airs on Friday 28th October, and the drama opens with Cindy asking Jude if she can work with her again or not.

Later, after persuading Tony to do the catering for Jude’s Halloween event, she goes to Jude’s show-home to take some promotional pictures. However, she’s confused when confronted with the man who lives there.

Elsewhere, Cameron and Leela search for Peri when they realise she didn’t come home last night. They then panic when they find a search page for ferry tickets to Calais.

And finally, Mercedes walks in on a happy family scene with Joe, Joanne and JJ, and is hurt when JJ calls Joanne ‘mummy’. But while Joanne revels in her misery, Joe finds out what Joanne is really like from Louis…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.