Hollyoaks Spoilers: Shocking medical news for TWO people & Louis & Leela’s secret is OUT?

by Lynn Rowlands

We rejoin the drama on Hollyoaks on Monday 16th January to see that Prince engineers it so he and Lily are paired together for a science project…

Elsewhere, Esther still can’t remember anything from the shooting. However, Kim is put out that Esther only wants to be comforted by Grace.

Meanwhile, Esther is distressed and wants Grace to make Eva pay. But later, Esther lashes out at Kim and Frankie.

Also in this episode, Lisa and Mac are feeling guilty about having sex in the cellar while Nathan was being attacked. They try to act normal, but Mac is struggling. However, when Mac sees Prince with an eagle badge on his jacket, he assumes he’s the one who broke into the pub.

And finally, we see Lisa slipping into something sexy for Nathan.

In the next episode of Hollyoaks on Tuesday 17th January, Kim makes a panicked phone call to Grace asking her to get to the hospital. When Grace and Adam arrive, a team of nurses rush to Esther’s room and they’re all worried to see Esther convulsing. Later, the consultant says that the memory loss, mood swings and seizures may never disappear.

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Elsewhere, Ellie wants to go with Marnie to her MRI scan, but Freddie arrives in time to distract her. Later, after Ellie confides in Freddie about Marnie’s ‘brain tumour’, she decides to surprise her mum at the hospital

Meanwhile, Lily is embarrassed when Courtney catches her and Prince getting close when they’re meant to be doing their science project.

We’re back in the village on Wednesday 18th January to see that as Leela tries to contact Cameron, Tegan realises that Leela knows who Daniel’s father is.

Later, it’s awkward between Louis and Leela in Price Slice, but Louis is intrigued when Tegan reveals they’re registering Daniel today.

Meanwhile, Cameron returns…

Hollyoaks continues on Thursday 19th January, and the drama opens as we see that Esther is still struggling with her memory, but Nancy has an idea. They stick different coloured post-it notes to the wall so they can write down everything that happens in ordedr to help Esther to remember. Later, Nancy tells Darren that her test results for MS have arrived.

Elsewhere, Leela feels guilty when Peri admits that she needs her dad. Later on, Peri’s delighted when Cameron picks her up from school.

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Meanwhile, Louis informs Leela, who tracks them on her phone. However, Louis later turns up at the hospital and someone overhears him and Leela talking about Daniel…

Also in this episode, Freddie is furious at Ellie and questions why they’re still together. But Ellie wants to make it up to Freddie and so plans a romantic surprise.

The final trip to Hollyoaks for the week is on Friday 20th January, and while Leela and Louis worry about who overheard them talking at the hospital last night, it’s Lisa’s birthday, but Simone is agitated.

Later, while Lisa and Mac flirt at The Dog, it’s clear Nathan has forgotten Lisa’s birthday and she’s furious. It’s Zack who reminds Nathan and it’s panic stations until he can find Lisa a birthday present to make up for it. In the meantime, Lisa’s party is in full swing on the Love Boat.

Elsewhere, Nancy and Darren are shattered when the Dr. confirms that Nancy has relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis. Nancy can’t cope at school and has to rush off. She buys Charlie some soup at The Bean, but she drops it when her hand goes numb and leaves Charlie with Freddie when she hurries out. Freddie returns Charlie to the Osborne’s but he’s late to meet Ellie. Darren finds a broken Nancy in The Folly and promises to help her cope with her diagnosis.

Elsewhere, Freddie turns up to see Ellie and she questions him about why he’s been awol all day.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.