Hollyoaks Spoilers: Who reported Amy? Who’s burgled The Dog?!

The new week in Hollyoaks begins on Monday 9th January, and as it’s Ste’s birthday, he of course wants to see Leah and Lucas.

Elsewhere, Prince and Hunter are out for revenge when Amy bans them from The Bean. But when Leah and Amy get into a playful food fight with Ste’s birthday cake, Prince and Hunter record them.

Meanwhile, Ste isn’t impressed with the themed party that Scott has arranged. Until Leah arrives that is.

Also in this episode, Lily immediately catches the eye of another classmate on her first day of school. However, she soon runs out of class upset.

Next, in the episode that airs on Tuesday 10th January, Adam finds out that Liam is keeping secrets about Darcy.

Elsewhere, Amy is reported to Social Services, but by whom?

And finally, Neeta makes a breakthrough with Lily.

We’re back in Hollyoaks on Wednesday 11th January to find Liam telling Adam what he knows about Darcy…

Meanwhile, Amy tries to defend herself to social services while in the meantime, Ryan gets a lead on who reported her.

Also in this episode, Nathan plans a private cinema treat for Cleo in the Love Boat. However, Lisa spots them together, and her jealousy rises…

On Thursday 12th January, while Ste finds out about Ryan sleeping with someone else, elsewhere, Lisa confronts Nathan about his cosy night with Cleo, and tells Cleo to stay away from Nathan.

Also, Goldie shows Mercedes the dating app she’s on, but Mercedes is furious when she sees James Nightingale has a profile. However, they soon set up a honey trap to catch James in the act!

The last trip to Hollyoaks for the week airs on Friday 13th January, and in it, Lisa wants Nathan to choose between her and Cleo.

Later, someone burgles The Dog, and during the robbery, Lisa and Mac are locked in the cellar…

When Nathan returns to The Dog, he catches the masked intruder trying to get into the safe. Realising they’ve been caught, they push past Nathan as they race out.

Who is it?

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