Cheryl Cole for Dancing With The Stars 2011?

Cheryl Cole is reportedly considering an offer to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

Bosses are said to have offered the X Factor judge a spot on the US version of Strictly Come Dancing and of course assured her that she can be partnered by her rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough. The pair have recently began a holiday in Los Angeles, where it is thought Cheryl will meet with DWTS producers about the offer.

A source from the show told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Cheryl has been approached to take part in the next season of the show.

‘She is planning to take meetings about it while she is in LA and has said she is intrigued by the idea and wants to find out more.

‘The show is a smash hit and really helps boost careers as it is so high-profile and has a massive viewership and makes a household name of everyone who takes part.

‘It would be a perfect way for Cheryl to raise her profile in America. Kelly Osbourne was a huge hit, Nicole won last season and has been swamped with offers ever since and Donny and Marie Osmond got their own Vegas show after appearing on it.

‘Even Heather Mills saw her approval ratings go through the roof after she appeared on it.’

Cheryl is currently recovering from a bout of malaria which she picked up on a trip to Tanzania. Insiders say that due to her illness she will be forced to take things easy while in LA, but that won’t stop the odd business meeting from taking place.

A source said: ‘She is taking it easy. Her stamina is not the same as it was before the illness and her doctors only gave her permission to travel if she assured them she would build in plenty of rest time.

‘Her main reason for coming to LA is to finish the album but she will be taking meetings about several projects while she is here.

‘Everyone on the production side of Dancing With The Stars is hoping she will say “yes” as it is always great to have a Brit on the show and Cheryl is gorgeous.’

Lisa McGarry

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