Holly Willoughby set to appear on Strictly Come Dancing 2017?

Holly Willoughby

Strictly Come Dancing is set to return to our screens later this year and already there are a few names popping up of celebs who could possibly take part. Unfortunately, one person who has ruled herself out is This Morning’s Holly Willoughby.

Whilst Holly may be one of the safest pair of hands in television when it comes to fronting TV shows, one show she’s not all that keen on doing is Strictly Come Dancing. Why is that? Well, she’s not the best dancer out there and she reckons she’d probably be worse than Ed Balls. Is that even possible?

Whilst Holly is apparently desperate to learn how to dance, she doesn’t feel that the way to go about doing it is on live television every Saturday night just in case it all goes terribly wrong.

Speaking to the Daily Star on Sunday, Holly recently sad: “I couldn’t do Strictly… oh God no. I’d love to learn to dance but I wouldn’t want to do it on telly. Everyone would be watching me do it and that would be horrendous because I’m not very good at dancing.

“I’d probably be as bad as Ed Balls. I’d be more Ed Balls than Abbey Clancy, put it that way”.

Holly is a very respected presenter in the Television world, and she wouldn’t do anything to compromise that image. However, it’s probably come close to the bar on Celebrity Juice a few times, but she’s said that being on Celebrity Juice is like her pub quiz – it’s her night out once a week so she has a few drinks during filming.

“Every so often I have a drink when we’re doing the show. Being there is like my pub quiz. It’s my night out. And when we film that show I forget we’re on telly. That happens all the time. It’s a really dangerous game to play”.

Would you like to see Holly do Strictly Come Dancing?

Nick Barnes

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