ITV to mix Strictly Come Dancing with Mr & Mrs for new Saturday night show


ITV are reportedly planning to launch a brand new Saturday night entertainment show this year, which they hope will bring in the viewers during the summer weekends.

Insiders have revealed that bosses have come up with a new format, which will mix the dance element of Strictly Come Dancing, with the fun family side of Mr & Mrs and see couples competing in a brand new dance competition.

Contestants will include both celebrities an normal husbands and wives who will be followed by cameras as they learn to dance and then judged on a primetime TV live show.

An ITV insider told The Mirror:

“It will be really funny seeing how they cope, learning a new skill together.

“You’ll get situations where one’s far better than the other and is being held back by their wife or husband.”


“Will they be sympathetic and help, or will they be impatient and get annoyed?”

ITV bosses have reportedly already commissioned a secret pilot, which will be filmed in the next few weeks and after seeing it they will make a decision on running a full series later in the year.

The insider added: “It’s a cross between Strictly Come Dancing and Mr and Mrs.

“What lifts it above run-of-the-mill dance shows is the jeopardy between couples.

“It’s not like an X Factor-style championship with an eventual winner.”

If commissioned fully, the show will air over the summer and replace Superstar which ran through July last year.

mr and mrs

It’s thought that channel bosses are hoping they are onto a winner with their new show, as they are keen to get away from their dependency on Simon Cowell vehicles such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, which shore up their ratings and advertising revenue on an annual basis.

Copying Strictly seems to be a safe (ish) bet, since viewers tuned in in their millions to watch the 2012 series, while The X Factor shed viewers for the second year running.

Bosses are wise enough not to pit it head to head with it’s Beeb rival though and Strictly won’t return to our screens until September of this year.

Watch clips from Mr & Mrs and Strictly and tell us, do you think this new show will be a ratings winner or another ‘Grease Is The Word’ style clanger? Leave your comments below….


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