Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Kimberley Walsh discusses last minute nerves ahead of tonight’s Grand Final!

by Anna Howell

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster Strictly Come Dancing ride for Girls Aloud singer, Kimberley Walsh and her professional partner, Pasha – having been in the bottom two once, being stuck on a score of 34 for most of the series, then breaking all the boundaries the last two weeks by being the only couple to have scored a perfect 40 this series, not just once, but twice.

Now, having secured their place in tonight’s Grand Final, they joined Zoe Ball on BBC2 Strictly spin-off show, It Takes Two, to discuss how their training is going and their hopes for tonight’s performances:

Zoe showed them a montage of their Strictly journey, and asked:

Is it emotional seeing how far you have come?

Kimberley:  “I can’t believe how many dances we have done!”

How are the nerves?

Kimberley:  “Do you know what; I feel better after actually running it in the studio today but still have that constant churning in my tummy all the time.”

How did it go in the studio today?

Kimberley:  “Pretty well.  There were a few little hitched here and there.”

How is she doing Pasha?

Pasha:  “She is doing great.  Absolutely great – no it always feels different when you go to the studio because it is a completely different place, you do get used to it, but still when you bring a new dance to the studio it feels a bit disorientating so we need to figure out where the cameras are and stuff like that.”

You are doing you Viennese Waltz, and your Tango again, both got scores of 34 originally, what can you hope for tomorrow?

Kimberley:  “We have been working really, really hard on all the comments we got from the judges the first time round, and I just hope that we can go out there and enjoy it and dance it better than we did the first time.

Pasha:  “I think Kimberley is much more ready for them now.  It feels so much more solid, definitely 34 or better.”

The judges wanted to see an improvement in your top-line, how has that gone?

Kimberley:  “We have worked on that really hard.  Pasha has been cracking the whip, and whipping me into shape when I forget, he has been a bit mean this week.”

Pasha:  “We have three dances and judges will want to see an improvement in all of them so I couldn’t go easy on her.”

You are dancing your show dance to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love, what sort of spectacular dancing can we expect from you in this dance?

Kimberley:  “There is a little bit more shaky-shaky, obviously it is Beyonce so it has to be done, we have quite a few ambitious lifts too, hopefully they are going to be great.  And it is just a really good chance for us to go out there and really enjoy it, we love dancing it.”

Has pasha been pushing you with the choreography in the show dance, as this is the ultimate dance really?

Kimberley:  “Definitely. I think we have all pushed ourselves this week, all the lifts are quite scary.”

Pasha:  “She was afraid to do them at first!”

Kimberley:  “I still am! I will do them, but I am still scared.”

You are used to performing in big events with Girls aloud, will that experience help you on Saturday do you think?

Kimberley:  “I’m really just not used to performing under this kind of pressure, I can’t explain how different it feels – it is really strange.  So, I don’t know.  I hope I can just go out there and just do my best, for myself, for Pasha but that is all I can do really.”

How much does it help having been in the final before Pasha?

Pasha:  “Well, definitely experience helps and I was lucky enough to get both my girls to the final.”

Has Kimberley surprised you with her talent?

Pasha:  “Well I knew she could more right from the start, but I didn’t know how much she could put into it and how dedicated she is, this is what it is all about. If you are willing to go into ballroom and give it your all, Kimberley never said no to anything dance wise I suggested.”

Watch Kimberley & Pasha’s perfect performance from last week in the clip below:

Strictly Come Dancing returns for this year’s Grand Final tonight at 6.30, with the results show scheduled to air at 8.50pm on BBC1/BBC1 HD.