Pamela Stephenson Connolly won’t have sex before Strictly Come Dancing show

Pamela Stephenson Connolly has admitted that she won’t have sex with her famous husband the night before a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ live show.

The TV psychologist is married to Scottish comedian Billy Connolly but revealed that he is denied his marital pleasures every Friday, in case he ruins her spray tan.

Pamela told Bang Showbiz:

“Sex is out of the question when you’ve just had a spray tan because everyone will know what you’ve been up to!

“But he finds it a turn on, which is a surprise because at first he complained I might embarrass myself. He’s touring now, and I don’t mind because I’m so busy.”

Pamela also revealed that she wears her mic pack in her bra for each live performance. She laughed:

“You still have to do things like hide a microphone pack in your bra, which makes the puppies look enormous.”

Lisa McGarry

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