Strictly Come Dancing 2010: Ann Widdecombe & Anton DuBeke have ‘routine fit for the final!’

by Lisa McGarry

The BBC have released some video footage of Ann Widdecombe and Anton DuBeke training for next week’s Strictly Come Dancing live show.

Professional dancer Anton seems optimistic about their chances on the series, claiming that by next Saturday night, they will have a routine ‘fit for the final.’ He said:

“I think it’s routine fit for the final. It’s going well, I’m very pleased with it. She’s done remarkably well. I keep telling her that she’s doing well but she won’t listen.”

Ann doesn’t seem so sure and during a pause in their practice, she told DuBeke:

“It would be so easy if you didn’t have feet, because I’ve kicked them twice already!”

She added:

Well we’ve finished the routine and some of it is consistently smooth but some of it is consistently terrible.

What we have to do now is smooth out the terrible bits and concentrate on what Anton calls the quality, which is things like standing up straight.

Watch the clip of Anton and Ann below. Is it wrong that we are so excited about seeing the whole routine next week?

Lisa McGarry

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