Strictly Come Dancing 2010: Ann Widdecombe refused to do sexy move in group dance

by Lisa McGarry

Ann Widdecombe has admitted to stipulating in her Strictly Come Dancing contract, that she would not be doing any sexy moves on the show.

The former Tory MP made her first appearance on the BBC dance extravaganza tonight and wowed viewers in a stunning purple gown. It was a conservative dress and Ann had previously told The Daily Mail that she had refused to wear any risqué costumes. She said:

‘I have no raunchy side. I told producers ‘what I wouldn’t show the pope, I won’t show the audience. And I would show the pope very little.’

In an interview with The Sunday Mirror the 62 year old admitted that she also refused to do any sexy moves or suggestive dances on the show.

She said:

“I don’t do sexy.

“I stipulated right from the start I wasn’t going to go down a sexy route,” she says – or rather bellows in that familiar matriarchal voice.

“I said right at the start, ‘I am not doing anything I consider immodest. I was worried about the suggestive nature of some of the dances but I made it very clear to the BBC that I would not be doing that.

“In fact I had it written into the contract before I signed it. There was a group dance we learned this week which had a move in it that I refused to do. I didn’t make a scene about it. I just did it my way. The show is about you being comfortable – it’s doing your level best and I won’t be able to do that if I’m not comfortable.

“This is a family show and there’s no reason why we can’t do dances with lots of different moves not just sexy ones.”

Is anyone else just loving Ann already?

Lisa McGarry

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