Strictly Come Dancing 2011: Movie Week Live Blog!

by Gerard McGarry

Strictly Come Dancing logoAt the height of our confuddlement between the themes on Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor, we’d assumed Strictly had already tackled their movie week. Seems it was actually ITV’s non-talent contest though, because we’re dancing to movie soundtracks on Strictly tonight.

The professionals aptly start the show with a routine set to Saturday Night At The Movies before Brucie and Tess regale us with some lukewarm humour. Brucie’s particularly skittish tonight, while Tess is brusquely trying to move the show along.

Right, the two obvious hints here are Chelsee Healey in Shrek costume, and Robbie Savage dressed as a Blues Brother. As for the rest of them we have no idea what films they’re supposed to be from. First up to dance:

Robbie Savage: Might’ve been wrong about that Blues Brothers reference, because they went on to label him “Mr Blonde”, which is presumably a Reservoir Dogs thing. Robbie and Ola dance a spritely quickstep which Len Goodman says “didn’t disappoint” although it was ” a little bit rough around the edges”. Alesha Dixon calls Robbie a “smooth operator” while Bruno says he strutted his stuff “somewhere between Kate Moss and Russell Brand”, noting a clear improvement. Craig Revel Horwood wanted him to drive the dance a little more, but loved the concept and the performance despite the technical criticisms.

Score: Craig: 7, Len: 7, Alesha: 8, Bruno: 8 Total: 30

Harry Judd: Dancing a rhumba to Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do (from Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves), Harry and Aliona give a fantastically romantic routine, both of them revelling in a wonderful chemistry. Alesha called it “the best rhumba I’ve seen from a male celebrity in a long time”, and Bruno described the routine as “a little bit of magic”. Craig cast a roundabout comment about Harry’s hip action, mostly loved the routine. Len straightens things out by telling Harry that he’s in no danger of elimination this evening.

Score: Craig: 9, Len: 9, Alesha: 9, Bruno: 9 Total: 36

Alex Jones: Keeping it technical, Alex describes her routine this week as “foxtrot with lifty bits”. Her theme is Pretty Woman, so she’s dancing to the Roy Orbison track. Visually, it’s a great routine, and the ‘lifty bits’ work well. Alex’s footwork gets a little bit sloppy in the later half, but otherwise it’s an enjoyable couple of minutes! Craig called it a sexy dance, Len and Bruno note there was a little incident that caused a problem, but neither dwelled on it. Alesha notes the improvement in Alex’s dancing this week.

Score: Craig: 8, Len: 8, Alesha: 9, Bruno: 9 Total: 34

Holly Vallance: Holly and Artem are dancing to a song from Zorro? Aha! It’s a pasa doble, and an excuse for Holly to wear one of the sexiest costumes I’ve seen on Strictly this year. The duo present a brilliant, passionate and absorbing routine. Craig doesn’t hold back, drolly telling Holly it was her personal best. Len Goodman told Holly she was finishing strong, and Alesha punches the table a few times and tells Holly that she stepped it up this week. Bruno breaks into an impromptu flamenco sequence of his own, such is his excitement.

Score: Craig: 9, Len: 9, Alesha: 10, Bruno: 10 Total: 38

Jason Donovan: Jason’s playing it safe this week with a Singing In The Rain routine. This plays to all his theatrical strengths and gives him a narrative to work to which is where he really excels. Kristina, as always, is an absolute joy to watch, she’s quite a good actress and has a look of pure joy on her face throughout the routine. Great work all round tonight. Len thought Jason gave Gene Kelly a run for his money, while Alesha said it was “elegantly played”. Bruno told Jason that he took a huge risk by taking this piece, but pulled it off magnificently. Craig said “It’s getting boring now, everyone’s good.”

Score: Craig: 9, Len: 9, Alesha: 9, Bruno: 10 Total: 37

Chelsee Healey: Thankfully dancing this one without the prosthetic Shrek makeup, Chelsee and Pasha dance to I’m A Believer. It’s a brilliant routine, lively and fun, with Chelsee mouthing the words to the song as she throws herself into the routine. Excellent fun. Was it the dance of the night? Bruno seems to think so. He tells Chelsee that she’s got a fast track to the semi-finals. Craig grumbles that she needs to pick her knees up more, but loved the routine too, while Len fully expects her to be back next week or he threatens to pickle his walnuts, whatever that means. Alesha thought Chelsee found her dance.

Score: Craig: 9, Len: 10, Alesha: 10, Bruno: 10 Total: 39

Wow. Looking back at the leaderboard, the seemingly untouchable Harry Judd has dropped to an alarming fourth place. Now, that’s obviously based on the judges’ scores, so Harry could still triumph with the support of the McFly fanbase. And considering who’s in danger tonight, it looks like Robbie Savage and Alex Jones could be taking the next bus home. Who do you think’s in danger this week?

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