Strictly Come Dancing 2011 Results: Audley Harrison voted off

by Lisa McGarry

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly are back in the ballroom as the battle for the glitterball trophy continues.

On Saturday, the nine remaining couples took to the dancefloor to perform a selection of glittering ballroom and Latin routines, hoping to win over the public and make it through to Strictly’s biggest ever show – the Wembley Arena spectacular, next week.

On Sunday’s result show, it was revealed that the bottom two couples were Audley Harrison & Natalie Lowe and Anita Dobson & Robin Windsor. Tess then announced that Audley Harrison was the next contestant to leave the competition.

On Saturday’s show Audley & Natalie had danced a Cha Cha Cha to Uptight by Stevie Wonder.


“Well I’ve got a feeling the only way you’re going to Wembley is on the Jubilee Line! They’re [the other judges] actually wrong, your timing was very good. You never went off time. You had rhythm. It wasn’t your best dance, but you did your best and I think that’s very important, that everyone comes out and gives it their best shot… and that you did.”


“It’s harsh what the judges are saying but some of it is true. I just think this dance exposes you, because I do think you excel better in ballroom. I know you’re working hard and I know you’re trying, and I commend you for that, but I just don’t think Latin – and this particular dance – suited you”


“Audley, before I speak – I really really like you! But, Cha Cha Cha. Timing, timing, timing, precision, precision, precision. There wasn’t hardly any. I mean the National Rail on a Bank Holiday has got better timing! And I know you’re cool and relaxed and laid back, and great personality yes. But at this stage, you should give us more impact on these latin dances. You have to hit it – go for it, sharper, cleaner, finish it. I’m sorry. I do like you though! I like you a lot!”


“I don’t actually mean to be awful, but it was leaden, it was heavy, it was laboured, it was corpulent, and I’m afraid to say not your finest hour”

When asked what his Strictly highlight had been, Audley said “There have been many. There has been a lot, a lot of highlights. I’ve really enjoyed myself. Imagine the first week I was 100/1 to go out, so hopefully all those people who lost money on me with the David Haye fight, hopefully they got their money back! It’s been great, I had a great time… I really enjoyed it”.

And his partner, Natalie Lowe, added “I just want to thank all the people at home who voted, who kept us in. It’s been a great journey. Thank you!”

Next week’s show will be the biggest show in Strictly history, broadcast on Saturday 19th November 2011 at 6.55pm live from Wembley Arena with the results show on Sunday 11th November at 7.25pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!